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two women with different body sizes are in a kitchen making a green smoothie

Why Do People Have Differing Detox Capacities?

By Mo Perry

Genetics, environment, and nutrition can all affect an individual’s ability to detox. Learn more.

hemp in glass jars

The Problem With Delta-8 THC

By Mo Perry

Both the CDC and the FDA have issued warnings about products containing delta-8 THC. Learn why.

Dynamic Stretch specialist helping a person stretch their neck

5 Stretches to Promote Recovery and Stress Relief

By Chris Alfaro, CPT

A stretch specialist demonstrates a few moves that can relieve muscle tension and counter stress.

people carry beets in a wooden crate

7 Ways to Find Food From Good Soil

By Kristin Ohlson

Some food and farm activists want to see an official “soil health” label — much like the federally regulated organic label — but for now, nothing like this exists to guide consumers. Finding food grown in good soil requires some detective work. Experts offer these clues.

a reflection of a woman talking with her doctor

A Clearer View of Heart Disease

By Craig Cox

The coronary artery calcium (CAC) scan can offer a better picture of who should actually take statins. Here’s why.

Katie smiling and food in the background

Why It’s Worth it to Test for At-Home Food Reactions

With Katie Knafla, RD
Season 8, Episode 3

A registered dietitian explains what food sensitivities are, what the symptoms and causes are, and what’s involved in testing for them — and the advantages of doing so.

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a collection of recipes to help fix a leaky gut

5 Recipes for a Happy, Healthy Gut

By Kate Morgan

Try these nutritious dishes to heal your gut lining and support your microbiome.

detox supporting foods

How to Support Your Body’s Natural Detox Organs

By Mo Perry

The body already knows how to clear toxins — but you can give your detoxification system a helping hand. Here’s how.

Rebecca Walcott

How Rebecca Walcott Discovered Wellness Through D.TOX

By Rebecca Walcott

When her energy flagged, one woman learned how to fuel her body more efficiently by participating in a detox program.

can botox help your traps?

What Treating a Migraine With Botox Means for Upper-Body Strength

By Jessica Migala

Can Botox treatments for migraine headaches cause weakness in trapezius muscles? We ask the experts.

a person holds a handful of nuts

ONE HEALTHY HABIT: Cut Your Sugar Consumption

By Experience Life Staff

This month’s challenge offers strategies to curb sugar cravings.

Powdered supplements in two bowls

7 Supplements for Healthy Aging

By Emily Ewen

A Life Time dietitian shares the top supplements recommended for older adults.

a person at work with a fidget spinner

The Rise of Adult ADHD

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

The number of adults diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is growing more than four times faster than diagnoses among children. What’s behind this trend — and what are the latest treatments?

various cbd products

5 of the Most Potent Phytocannabinoids

By Mo Perry

Found in the cannabis plant, phytocannabinoids have natural healing capabilities. Learn what researchers are learning about CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDA.

colon cancer awareness

Why Is Colon Cancer on the Rise Among Younger Adults?

By Craig Cox

Cases of colorectal cancer are declining among those over 50, but the disease is becoming more prevalent among younger Americans. Prominent functional-medicine physician Gregory Plotnikoff discusses the trend — and offers preventive measures we can all take.

a woman meets with her family to share her recent medical diagnosis

How to Share a Difficult Diagnosis

By Jessie Sholl

The decision to disclose an illness to others is often a complicated one. This guidance can help you share the news your way.

a man sits on a couch thinking

How Do I Know If It’s Time to Seek Therapy?

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

If you’re experiencing one of these five life events, you might consider seeing a therapist.

Person jogging on a beach

Just Keep Moving: 5 Tips for Easing Back Into Fitness After Surgery

By Emily Ewen

An ARORA-certified Dynamic Personal Trainer offers recommendations for safely returning to exercise.

a man holds his hands over his hear

What Is Heart Coherence?

By Courtney Helgoe

The “heart-brain” affects the way we communicate and relate to those around us. Here’s why.

a puzzle piece cut out of a face shaped piece of paper

PUMPING IRONY: Dementia, Redefined

By Craig Cox

The Alzheimer’s Association and its Big Pharma allies are working behind the scenes to promote a plan that could vastly increase dementia diagnoses — and, not coincidentally, the demand for drugs that provide little relief.

Person pulling a beet out of the ground in a garden

3 Common Myths About Nutrition for Older Adults

By Emily Ewen

A Life Time registered dietitian busts a few misconceptions about healthy nutrition as you age.

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