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Recipes - Snacks & Treats

Three matcha energy balls are pictured next to green matcha powder and a small bowl of sesame seeds.
By Robin Asbell
These no-bake energy bites are made from dates, tahini, matcha powder, and sesame seeds.
Three kinds of homemade trail mix.
By Robin Asbell
Mix and match three different trail-mix combos: curry, tamari-almond, and nut butter and chocolate.
Balls of cocoa almond energy bites.
By Robin Asbell
These gluten-free energy balls come together in minutes in the blender and are flavored with dates, almond butter, and cocoa powder.
a snack bag and plate of toasted quinoa energy bites
By The Life Time Foundation Team
A protein and healthy fat-packed snack that’s easy to make and eat on the go.
fiesta hummus served in a sliced red pepper
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Spice up your go-to hummus with this fun recipe provided by Tempe School District, a partner of the Life Time Foundation.
two bowls with watermelon sorbet
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Made with only four ingredients, this refreshing treat can double as a fun activity to try with kids.
a bowl of apple sauce on a rustic cutting board
By Andrew Zimmern
A great kid-friendly dish that small hands can easily help prepare.
Nectarine and Blueberry Crisp
By Rebecca Katz
Use whatever stone fruits and berries you have on hand for this vegan crisp.
Zucchini-and-Olive Muffins
By Rebecca Katz
Shredded zucchini helps keep the muffin light, fluffy and super moist.
Lentil Hummus
By Rebecca Katz
Use leftover lentils instead of chickpeas to make the creamy Middle Eastern dip.
Almond butter and jam muffins.
By The Life Time Training Team
Using almond butter instead of peanut, these AB and J muffins offer the same flavor as the classic sandwich but in a gluten-free, dairy-free snack.
a bowl of cinnamon applesauce
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Try using a variety of apples to add a more complex flavor to this two-ingredient snack.
a bowl of UnBEETable Hummus with vegetables
By The Life Time Foundation Team
For a richer flavor and brighter color, try roasting the cubed beet with a small amount of olive oil before adding it to the hummus.
Almond butter hummus
By The Life Time Training Team
For a twist on traditional hummus, try this tahini-free, almond-flavored alternative. 
almond flour cookies on plate
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Top these cookies with some nut butter, or a homemade glaze made from a mix of coconut oil and honey.
Black bean brownies
By The Life Time Training Team
You can't taste the black beans — and won't miss the dairy or gluten — in these better-for-you brownies. 
baked pears filled with cinnamon spice
By The Life Time Foundation Team
These pears smell just as good cooking as they taste to eat.
maple cinnamon pumpkin seeds in a wooden bowl
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Try these seeds on top of oatmeal, as an afternoon snack, or for a sweet treat after dinner.
Mug of golden turmeric milk.
By Lisa Markley and Jill Grunewald
This anti-inflammatory tonic is made with dairy-free milk, several warming spices, and a dash of honey or maple syrup.
Edamame Beans With Tuna and Onion
By Antonio Carluccio
This classic Italian recipe replaces the traditional borlotti beans with edamame.
A tray of nuts-party mix
By Megan Gilmore
If you crave that popular party mix made with rice cereal, you are going to love this grain-free alternative made with nuts, seeds, and a hint of maple syrup.
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