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By Experience Life Staff
Watch as celebrity trainer Rachel Cosgrove of Results Fitness demonstrates her "One Month to Muscles" program.
a woman performs a golfer's pick-up
By Yael Grauer
New to the fitness scene, or a stranger to the gym for a while now? Try this body-weight circuit workout, and prepare to build strength, confidence and coordination — fast.
Erwan Le Corre
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Erwan Le Corre, 40, is the founder of MovNat, a forward-thinking approach to fitness that finds its practical inspiration in humanity’s primitive roots. Le Corre and his team hold outdoor training workshops in West Virginia and Thailand, where participants rediscover, practice and master the movement skills of their nature-dwellling ancestors. Born in France, Le Corre is considered one of the leading pioneers of the international primal-fitness movement.
stopwatch and weight
By Nicole Radziszewski
The concept is simple: Pick your time frame, and pack as much work into it as possible. It’s tough but extremely effective for building strength, definition and size.
By Experience Life Staff
Use this exercise circuit to build strength and coordination.
free weights
By Nicole Radziszewski
If you’ve been relying on machines for your resistance training, try working with free weights, too. You’ll develop better coordination, use more muscle groups and see better results. Here’s how to get started — and get stronger, fast.
parkour box jumps
By Tatyana McNamara
As exhilarating as it is acrobatic, this creative fitness discipline is a full-body workout - and a total blast. Here’s how to get in on the action.
By Experience Life Staff
Use these strength moves to keep you hip joints strong and mobile.
plank walks 1
By Mark Cohen
Too nice of a day to head to the gym? Get a super strength workout outdoors. Your local park or playground provides all the equipment you need.
By Experience Life Staff
When the weather is nice, take your routine outside to your local park or playground to do this super strength workout.
By Clay Johnston
Just grab a deck of cards and you'll have a new workout with each hand that's dealt.
By Kara Douglass Thom
These basic exercises will help get your post-pregnancy body back to its pre-pregnancy strength.
By Clay Johnston
Guidance for doing this Olympic lift the right way.
By Experience Life Staff
A challenging full-body workout you can knock out in 20 minutes.
By Clay Johnston
A well-rounded (ahem!) glute-enhancing routine you gotta try.
By Tatyana McNamara
A study by ACE, the American Council on Exercise, confirms what all dedicated kettlebell afficionados already know: that kettlebell training torches calories and builds cardiovascular fitness at the same time it builds muscular strength.
By Experience Life Staff
Michael Y. Seril, MS demonstrates a full-body workout done in under 10 minutes for those on the go.
By Andrew Heffernan
In search of the ultimate do-anywhere workout? This strength-and-cardio routine is ready whenever you are.
woman jumping
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
Want to increase your power, refine your reflexes, decrease your chance of injury and sculpt your bod? Hop to it with this high-energy plyo primer.
By Andrew Heffernan
Conventional stretching nets you conventional results. Resistance stretching (the secret weapon of Olympic athletes) can make you more flexible — and stronger! — in a hurry.
By Experience Life Staff
Jump into this challenging and fun routine.
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