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Biofeedback for Strength Training
By Andrew Heffernan
Tired of starting a new strength training program every time you progress and then plateau? Here's how to use intuitive training to create the right workout.
The legs of a woman running on a treadmill.
By Lauren Bedosky
This HIIT routine reimagines the treadmill jog, burning fat and building endurance in a quick workout.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn the moves for this eight-week strength plan that doesn't have to knock you down to be effective.
Yoga Push-Up Complex
By Andrew Heffernan
Learn the moves for the Yoga Push-Up Complex, a great way to warm up before a strength session.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn the exercises for this muscle-building workout and reap the benefits of improving these functional, everyday moves.
Balance It Out
By Lauren Bedosky
Even out your pushes and pulls with this fat-burning, muscle-building, full-body workout.
A woman outside stares intently off to the distance.
By Andrew Heffernan
The key to sticking with a workout program may be strengthening the “muscle” between your ears.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn the moves for this versatile kettlebell workout, which switches from fat-burning to strength-building.
By Lauren Bedosky
This full-body routine can flip from fat-burning to strength - building — simply by switching up your tempo and rep range.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn the moves for a minimalist circuit that offers a full-body strength and cardio workout you can do just about anywhere.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn how to sharpen your mind while strengthening your muscles with this functional routine.
Kettlebell get up prep
By Nicole Radziszewski
Get stronger and smarter with this functional routine that improves balance, coordination, power, and mental acuity.
Strength Training and Hormones
By Andrew Heffernan
Looking to regulate your sex hormones and increase insulin sensitivity? Try weight training.
Avid Cyclists
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
The benefits of strength training for cycling — plus some beginner moves.
Boost Testosterone
By Catherine Guthrie
Here are 10 lifestyle-based ways to increase your testosterone levels.
The Case for Strength
By Andrew Heffernan
Here are six ways strength training supports your overall health — beyond building muscle and burning fat.
By Katy Bowman
Movement ecologist Katy Bowman offers 9 tips on how to cross-train in the garden.
By Experience Life Staff
Watch as fitness editor Maggie Fazeli Fard, RKC, demonstrates all the moves from our scavenger-hunt workout.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn all the moves for the final month of our Strong, Fast, and Fit program and get ready to maximize your results.
benefits of squatting
By Heidi Wachter
Keep these cues in mind the next time you perform squats.
Strong Fast and Fit
By Andrew Heffernan
The final four weeks of our six-month training program will help you reach peak form.
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