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Recipes - Side Dishes

rainbow kabobs on a metal tray
By The Life Time Foundation Team
These kabobs showcase fresh, seasonal veggies, with this recipe doubling as a fun activity to do with your kids. Try making with our suggested ingredients or customize with your favorite rainbow-colored veggies.
a bowl of cinnamon applesauce
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Try using a variety of apples to add a more complex flavor to this two-ingredient snack.
a bowl of homemade bbq sauce
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Enjoy this summer staple without the added sugars often found in store-bought varieties.
a bowl of UnBEETable Hummus with vegetables
By The Life Time Foundation Team
For a richer flavor and brighter color, try roasting the cubed beet with a small amount of olive oil before adding it to the hummus.
Winter Slaw
By Russ Crandall
Try this technicolor cabbage slaw, which is livened up with fresh mint, pomegranate seeds, and chopped walnuts.
Skillet-Roasted Winter Vegetables
By Russ Crandall
For a delicious heritage twist, roast these root veggies in duck fat or lard.
Buckwheat Kasha
By Russ Crandall
Next time you're hankering for oatmeal, try this hearty Russian porridge instead.
By The Life Time Training Team
Using cooked chicken speeds up the preparation of this light, refreshing, and nutritious salad.
Asian Forbidden Rice Salad
By Lisa Markley, MS, RDN and Jill Grunewald, HNC
Black rice contains more powerful antioxidants than any other rice variety.
Spicy Nepalese Onion and Potato Salad
By Katie Caldesi
If you're feeling adventurous, amp up the chili in this Nepalese dish.
Spiced Green Beans With Tomatoes
By Katie Caldesi
Turn this Meditteranean-inspired dish into a meal with the addition of fried eggs.
Zucchini Carpaccio With Ricotta
By Katie Caldesi
This delectable Italian salad combines creamy ricotta cheese with sweet honeydew melon.
By Melissa Joulwan
A zingy Paleo mayo that comes together in minutes.
Grilled Pepper Salad
By Antonio Carluccio
This colorful Italian salad is a cinch to make at home — and beats jarred peppers any day.
Cinnamon-Glazed Carrots
By Megan Gilmore
This quick side dish, flavored with maple syrup, cinnamon, and coconut oil, will appeal to even your most picky family members.
By Angela Liddon
This protein-packed dish is spiked with red-wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, and Dijon mustard — and keeps in the fridge all week.
a salad topped with homemade vinaigrette
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Try this simple, healthy, four-ingredient dressing on your favorite salad.
baked cauliflower tots on a pan
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Do your kids beg for tater tots? Try this veggie version you can feel great about serving them.
a plate of apple nachos
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Try this fun and creative snack for an after school or post-dinner treat.
a plate of Sweet Potato Nachos
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Next time you're in need of a game-time or after-school snack, try this nutritious and delicious take on nachos.
The Modern Potluck
By Kristin Donnelly
This dairy-free treat is full of healthy fats, and the mango-lime topping gives it a zesty flair.
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