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Recipes - Lunch & Dinner

Sardine and white bean salad on an orange plate
By Betsy Nelson
This fresh, Mediterranean-inspired salad is endlessly adaptable. Try adding canned artichoke hearts, olives, capers, feta cheese or cucumbers.
beet pizza
By Karen Olson
Sliced beets resemble pepperoni on a traditional pizza and offer an earthy sweetness that pairs perfectly with chèvre or other tart cheeses. If you happen to have young beet greens, chop them up and add them to the top of this pizza after it is cooked. 
a bowl of beet soup
By Karen Olson
This vibrant soup is great hot or chilled. For a tarter flavor, substitute lemon juice and zest in place of the orange juice and zest. 
carpaccio salad
By Karen Olson
Carpaccio is traditionally made with thinly sliced raw beef. This version, made with sliced raw beets, is a great way to showcase a variety of heirloom beet varieties, such as striped Chioggia, golden and red.     
a bowl of beet and sausage salad
By Karen Olson
To turn this hearty main dish into a side dish, cut out the sausage completely or include only half the amount.
Bok Choy Stir Fry
By Betsy Nelson
This tangy stir-fry is a great way to enjoy abundant summer tomatoes. Try with pork, beef, chicken, tempeh or tofu.
Sicilian pasta with sardines and pecorino on a plate
By Karen Olson
It may sound like a strange combination, but this earthy version of the traditional Sicilian dish Pasta con le Sarde has a delightful flavor and texture. It can also be prepared with fresh fennel bulb instead of cauliflower, or by adding crushed tomatoes, tomato paste or pine nuts.
By Melissa Joulwan
Our favorite former roller girl shares one of her favorite salad recipes.
salmon with asparagus slow
By Karen Olson
This fresh and vibrant slaw is a great way to serve asparagus in its natural state, and is excellent with fish or seafood. Feel free to experiment with various herbs, such as mint, cilantro or parsley.
a bowl of hot and sour asparagus soup
By Betsy Nelson
This soup is very quick to prepare and can also be made with chicken, pork or beef. Add a handful of chopped baby bok chou, Napa cabbage or kale if you want more greens.
italian roasted asparagus
By Karen Olson
A quick side dish that can be adapted in so many ways. Try a different combination of citrus, nuts and cheese, such as orange zest, pistachio and Pecorino. For a cheeseless version, try lime zest, almonds and fine shredded coconut.
a plate of thai stir fry with brown rice
By Karen Olson
A light stir-fry that showcases the delicate flavor of asparagus. Make it a heartier meal by adding tofu, meat or seafood.
Cabbage salad with anchovies and sauce
By Betsy Nelson
This salad subs cabbage for Romaine, creating a nice twist on the classic Caesar. Any variety of kale would also work well. For a heartier salad, try adding cannellini beans or chickpeas.
Sardine potato cakes on a plate with a salad
By Betsy Nelson
Made with sardines or kippers, these satisfying fish cakes make a nice meal when paired with a green salad.
a pot of roasted lamb
By Seamus Mullen
If you can’t get lamb shoulder, leg of lamb will work nicely; just cook it a little longer.
a bowl of sugar snap pea salad
By Seamus Mullen
As soon as sugar snaps show up at the farmers’ market, I’m instantly happy. Sweet and crisp, this salad is all about the sugar snaps, with a pinch of Aleppo pepper for heat, some fresh ricotta cheese for richness and texture, and edible flowers for color. It comes together easily, looks gorgeous and is oh-so-easy to love. - Celebrity Chef, Seamus Mullen
By Sarah Kay Hoffman
Sarah Kay Hoffman shares a delicious whole-foods recipe to enjoy with your loved one on Valentine's Day — or any day.
A bowl of black-bean soup with chips and avocado
By Betsy Nelson
Adding refried beans helps make this soup thicker and richer in flavor. To make an even heartier dish, add chicken, chorizo or andouille sausage.
sliced quinoa cabbage rolls
By Karen Olson
For a vegetarian version of this hearty entrée, substitute crumbled tempeh for the ground beef.
a plate of chicken and quinoa stew
By Karen Olson
At once comforting and exotic, this homey chicken stew is deepened by curry and cinnamon notes. For the pilaf, try toasted almonds, parsley and diced dried apricots instead of toasted pine nuts, mint and currants.
a plate of quinoa winter salad
By Karen Olson
Served over supergreens like baby kale, spinach and beet greens, this hearty salad makes a fresh and flavorful meal. Try dried cherries, blueberries or diced dried apricots in place of the cranberries; substitute toasted pecans, almonds or walnuts for the pumpkin seeds.
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