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Recipes - Breakfast

By David Perlmutter, MD
Ditch the English muffin and place your ham, eggs, and hollandaise sauce atop crispy, delectable zucchini pancakes made with almond meal. Grain-free goodness!
By Cary Neff
Millet and quinoa both provide a wealth of nutrients, which makes them a great choice for a hearty breakfast. This cereal offers a wonderful alternative to oatmeal. Leftovers can be pressed into muffin tins and cooled in the refrigerator. Remove the next day for a hand-held breakfast treat (can be enjoyed with nut butters, fruit jams, cream cheese or any other toppings you enjoy).
Kuku Sabzi, a traditional Persian breakfast frittata
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
It's (almost) spring! Celebrate the bounty of fresh herbs and baby greens with this traditional Iranian dish.
sausages, greens and lentils
By Betsy Nelson
This quick and hearty meal is perfect for a fall supper. Feel free to sub in any dark, leafy green for the collards, such as kale or Swiss chard. And, if you like spice, sub in chorizo or Andouille sausage for the meat.
A frittata made in a cast-iron pan
By Betsy Nelson
Frittatas are a perfect dish to make and serve in a cast-iron pan. Leftover frittata is also delicious enjoyed cold.
Cast-iron fritters
By Betsy Nelson
Traditionally made with potatoes, these little fritters are wonderful paired with applesauce and sour cream.
fresh lentil salad
By Betsy Nelson
A few spices transform plain tempeh into something that tastes like Italian breakfast sausage.
By Betsy Nelson
Think of a frittata as a crustless — and much less fussy — quiche. Here, spicy arugula is beautifully tempered by earthy mushrooms and creamy goat cheese.
Pizza Margherita Frittata
By Betsy Nelson
Have a craving for pizza but trying to avoid gluten? Get creative and try using a frittata as your “crust.”
avocado cocoa shake
By Betsy Nelson
Commercial protein drinks and shakes usually contain a lot of questionable ingredients. Why not whip up your own instead?
Pumpkin pie yogurt in a bowl
By Betsy Nelson
Most flavored yogurts are loaded with sugar. This concoction is naturally sweet and adds seeds for extra crunch and protein.
Scrambled tofu with potatoes and stewed tomatoes
By Betsy Nelson
The perfect brunch dish hits an Indian-inspired note. Not a tofu fan? Scramble up a few eggs instead.
Baked fishermans egg with fish
By Betsy Nelson
It’s easy to customize this luscious dish. Substitute diced peppers or sautéed mushrooms for the tomatoes and scallions, try different herbs such as chives or marjoram, or add a little grated cheese on top of the cream.
huevos rancheros with black beans
By Karen Olson
This classic Mexican breakfast is a cinch to whip up using high-quality jarred salsa and canned black beans.
a cast iron skillet with spinach and potato frittata
By Karen Olson
Pair with a green salad for an easy dinner. You can adapt the frittata recipe by using other cheeses, or adding minced, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers and other ingredients.
a plate of carrot fritters
By Karen Olson
Serve these little “latkes” on a bed of greens for a delightful appetizer or lunch.
omelet with grilled mushrooms
By Karen Olson
This quick, satisfying meal can be made with or without pancetta (unsmoked bacon). As alternatives to arugula, try baby spinach or watercress. For more fresh flavor, add chopped fresh herbs, like chives or marjoram, to the egg mixture.
pancakes topped with blueberries
By Cary Neff
Enjoy the light, slightly nutty flavor of this healthier version of a traditional pancake. Top with a warm blueberry compote.
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