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carrot cake pancakes topped with cream and pecans

Carrot-Cake Pancakes

By Robin Asbell

Top these pancakes with Greek yogurt, toasted pecans, and a sprinkling of cinnamon powder.

plant based pancakes topped with raspberries

Plant-Power Pancakes

By Robin Asbell

These vegan spelt-and-almond flour pancakes are wonderful topped with tahini and fresh raspberries.

savory pancakes topped with an egg and avocado

Savory Sweet-Potato Pancakes

By Robin Asbell

Serve with sautéed spinach, fried eggs, sliced avocado, tahini, and hot sauce.

protein pancakes with blueberries

Whey Protein Pancakes

By Robin Asbell

These protein pancakes — made with rolled oats, protein powder, egg whites, and mashed banana — are great topped with coconut butter and fresh blueberries.

Key Lime Pie Protein Shake

Key Lime Pie Protein Shake

By The Life Time Training Team

Coconut milk and lime juice come together in an island-worthy, sugar-free shake that will have you riding summer vibes all year long.

A loaf of gluten-free zucchini bread

Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

By The Life Time Training Team

Veggies are even easier to eat when they’re baked into delicious bread.

a plate with a veggie omelet

Sautéed Veggie Omelet

By Maddie Augustin

When spring turns to summer, swap the asparagus, mushrooms, shallots, and spinach for corn, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes.

Coach Paul’s Never-Fail Omelet

Coach Paul’s Never-Fail Omelet

By Paul Kriegler, RD, CPT

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this hunger-busting omelet features ingredients you likely already have on hand.

A cup filled with a maple nut protein shake.

Maple Nut Shake

By The Life Time Training Team

This creamy, protein-packed shake may remind you of a certain candy bar but is made with ingredients that will keep you satisfied for hours to come.

a cast iron skillet with eggs, sliced avocados, kale, meat and sweet potatoes

Breakfast Hash

By The Life Time Training Team

This recipe provides whole-food protein along with healthy fats and complex carbs — a perfect way to keep you satisfied and energized until your next meal.

Oatmeal superfood breakfast bars.

Oatmeal Superfood Breakfast Bars

By The Life Time Training Team

Make your mornings easier. Bake these bars ahead of time for the perfect grab-and-go healthy breakfast.

The summer skies smoothie bowl topped with coconut flakes, hemp seeds, blueberries, and blackberries.

Summer Skies Smoothie Bowl

By Julie Dulude

Discover the health benefits of blue spirulina and how to make this decadent yet healthy breakfast (or snack!) at home.

Three avocado boats in a skillet.

Avocado Boats

By The Life Time Training Team

Using healthy fats as your base, this is a fun twist on an easy-to-make breakfast.

Two cups of a parfait featuring layers of yogurt, red and blue berries, and a topping of granola.

Red, White, and Blue Parfait

By The Life Time Training Team

Homemade granola, fresh berries, and Greek yogurt layer together for a festive breakfast, snack, or midday treat.

Brinner bowl, including potatoes and an egg.

Brinner Bowl

By The Life Time Training Team

Running out of dinner ideas? Try this breakfast-for-dinner dish.

Chewy snack bars

Chewy Snack Bars

By The Life Time Training Team

Running out of ideas — or time — to make snacks for your kids? Make a batch of these to keep on hand. 

Breakfast brownie

Breakfast Brownie

By The Life Time Training Team

Dessert for breakfast? Made with chocolate protein, healthy fats, and other good-for-you ingredients, you can feel good about starting your day with these brownies.

Two glasses of a cucumber and pineapple smoothie.

Cucumber-Pineapple Smoothie

By Maddie Augustin

Cucumber and pineapple are naturally hydrating foods, so they can help your liver and kidneys clear toxins from your body. Pineapple is also the only major dietary source of the enzyme bromelain, which helps your body digest protein.

Sweet potato stuffed with black beans and corn.

Sweet Potato Boats

By Katie Koteen and Kate Kasbee

These Mexican-inspired sweet potatoes are baked, split lengthwise, and topped with black beans, corn, salsa, and avocado.

Plate of waffles with fruit on top.

Crispy Oat Waffles

By Robin Asbell

These gluten-free waffles can be made ahead of time and reheated to order.

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