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Recipes - Breakfast

Almond joy shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Craving something sweet? This shake tastes like a candy bar but without the added sugar.
A blueberry smoothie bowl
By Maddie Augustin
Pineapple gives this recipe a boost of vitamin C and bromelain, an enzyme that can ease indigestion and inflammation.
A green smoothie bowl topped with peanut butter, chia seeds, and banana slices is pictured.
By Maddie Augustin
You won’t taste the spinach in this smoothie, but it gives this recipe a nutritional upgrade with vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K — as well as minerals like manganese, zinc, and selenium.
A peaches-and-cream smoothie bowl is pictured.
By Maddie Augustin
Coconut milk and frozen mango give this refreshing recipe a tropical flair.
Strawberry smoothie bowl
By Maddie Augustin
This tasty blend boasts nearly 28 grams of protein per serving, making it a perfect postworkout choice.
Savory_Overnight Oats With Veggies and Chevre
By Robin Asbell
Sautéed mushrooms add a rich umami flavor to this savory bowl of oatmeal.
Three breakfast egg muffins.
By Robin Asbell
These kale-and-tomato mini-quiches can be frozen for up to a month.
Banana chocolate crunch shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Try this chocolate-flavored shake the next time a craving for something sweet hits.
Zucchini-and-Olive Muffins
By Rebecca Katz
Shredded zucchini helps keep the muffin light, fluffy and super moist.
Triple-Greens Frittata
By Rebecca Katz
Loaded with kale, Swiss chard, and spinach, this Greek-inspired egg dish also has feta cheese, garlic, and scallions.
Almond butter and jam muffins.
By The Life Time Training Team
Using almond butter instead of peanut, these AB and J muffins offer the same flavor as the classic sandwich but in a gluten-free, dairy-free snack.
Turkey sausage breakfast patties
By The Life Time Training Team
Sausage patties don't need to be full of grease to taste great. Try these paired with your favorite breakfast foods instead.
a pie tin with baked spring veggie quiche
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Take advantage of fresh spring vegetables while they're in season, or turn this quiche into a year-round dish by swapping in whatever veggies are available at the time.
Roasted Sweet Potato and Chicken Hash
By Rebecca Katz
Amp up the protein by topping with a poached or fried egg.
Turmeric ginger shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Not only are turmeric and ginger two incredible superfoods, but they also taste great together in this shake.
AvoKeto shake
By The Life Time Training Team
High in fiber and protein, low in carbs, and dairy-free, this shake is built with ingredients to keep you feeling full.
Baked oatmeal
By The Life Time Training Team
Prepare this baked oatmeal for an easy breakfast that's packed with protein and both dairy- and gluten-free.
By Lisa Markley, MS, RDN and Jill Grunewald, HNC
Soaking and toasting the oats can make them more easily digestible.
Asparagus and Onion Frittata
By Antonio Carluccio
This veggie-packed frittata is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and can be served hot or cold.
Skillet Breakfast Hash
By Megan Gilmore
Swap out the traditional potatoes for shredded cabbage in this detox-friendly hash.
a glass filled with a green smoothie and a bowl of spinach
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Want an easy way to sneak more veggies into your kid's diet? They'll never taste them in this green smoothie.
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