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Explore these articles on fun activities, easy summer recipes, inspired travel destinations, healthy summer skin, and more.

a woman blows bubbles

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Easy Recipes

Caprese salad with peaches.

The New Caprese Salad

By Kaelyn Riley
Add sliced ripe peaches to your salad for a twist on the traditional caprese.
raspberry and balsamic avocado toast

Raspberry and Balsamic Avocado Toast

By Robin Asbell
Add a sweet note to your avocado toast with reduced balsamic vinegar and fresh raspberries.
chickpea salad wraps

Chickpea “Tuna” Salad Wraps

By Robin Asbell
These vegetarian "tuna" salad wraps use chickpeas instead of tuna.
a plate of spring salad with herb dressing

Spring Salad With Herb Dressing

By Maddie Augustin
Customize this zippy dressing with any combination of fresh, tender herbs like cilantro, dill, mint, or the fronds from your fennel bulb.
5-ingredient pulled chicken

5-Ingredient Pulled Chicken

By The Life Time Training Team
Pair this chicken and bacon with your favorite veggies for an easy meal, or use as a versatile add-in to any recipe that calls for chicken. 
Three fish tacos with mango salsa and lime sauce.

Fish Tacos With Mango Salsa and Lime Sauce

By The Life Time Training Team
Flaky grilled fish, fresh salsa, and creamy sauce makes this the perfect summer dinner.

Outdoor Cooking

Better burger

How to Make a Better Burger

By Robin Asbell
After making a better basic burger, use our handy template to tweak it into a taco, California, Hawaiian, and Mediterranean version.
recipes for grilled fruit and vegetables

6 Vegan Grill Recipes

By Robin Asbell
Backyard barbecues are for more than just burgers and dogs! Celebrate fresh summer produce with these plant-based BBQ recipes.
grilled shrimp and veggies in a foil pack

5 Foil-Pack Meals

By Maddie Augustin
Perfect for camping, grilling, or a mess-free meal in your kitchen, these foil packets are simple and satisfying.

Summer Sipping

a glass of green tea manhattan

Green Tea Manhattan

By Robert Hanson
Enjoy this unique and flavorful twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail.
a tall glass of iced tea with a wedge of lemon

Afternoon Darjeeling Iced Tea

By Robert Hanson
Darjeeling tea is sold in two main varieties: first flush and second flush. For iced tea, the more assertive notes of second- flush teas are ideal.

Healthy Hair and Skin

A woman smiling with voluminous, curly hair.

Protect and Style: Your Summer Haircare Routine

By Emily Ewen
Simple tips for keeping your hair and scalp healthy and protected when you’re spending more time outside in warm, sunny weather. Plus, ideas for trendy, heat-free styles to try.

Travel and Adventure

Parent and child sitting on side of the highway

4 Road-Trip Routes

By Karen Olson
These classic road trips are packed with history and adventure. You might just be inspired to spend more time out of your car than in it.


An illustration of a man doing a lunge on a rock outside.

50 Tips for Taking Fitness Outside

By Andrew Heffernan
Enjoy all the perks — and avoid the pitfalls — of exercising outdoors this summer.

Just for Fun

a woman blows bubbles

8 Ways to Channel Your Inner Child This Summer

By Laine Bergeson Becco
Here are some tips to rediscover the joys of summer.
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