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By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Are you going through the motions and settling for so-so results? Maybe you need a master plan - and a mesocycle.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Muscle-building isn't just for hardcore bodybuilders. It's for athletes and regular people of all kinds. Here's what you need to know to make your own muscles grow up proud and strong.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Virtually everyone striving to get into better shape stands to benefit from breaking down their long-term fitness goals into smaller, progressive training segments. Why not launch your periodization plan now?
By Laurel Kallenbach
Walk village to village on ancient footpaths that criss-cross some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Isometric exercises that suck in your gut for you.
By Elson Haas
Allergy-like food sensitivities may be the blame for at least part of your pudge. Lay off your problem foods and you could lose unwanted pounds and inches — fast.
By Alex Singleton
You're talking to yourself again. But what are you saying? Here's how to translate your food thoughts into healthier actions.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Dreaming of sun and sand Mexico's hidden Pacific and Caribbean beaches lure visitors - but it's the adventure and nature wonders that hook you.
By Christopher Cross
Long famed for pushing limits and surpassing snow-sliding expectations, Jackson Hole now delivers more than ever.
By Sean Burch
A brush with death on an uncharted Greenland glacier leaves Sean Burch with an even hotter penchant for ice-cold adventures.
By Matthew Solan
Sometimes, instead of surging forward on another explosive, equipment-intensive adventure, what you really need to do is fall back and get some perspective. Here are three adventures to help you challenge your own status quo.
By Kelly James-Enger
Had enough of mysterious fitness plateaus, mindless exertion, confusing estimates and lackluster results? Make sense of it all with the tell-all help of a heart-rate monitor.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Scrape off all the crazy hype, jargon, and mixed messages usually associated with health and fitness, and you're left with the important stuff — which really isn't so complicated after all.
By Christopher Cross
A curious cross between advanced hiking and low-tech climbing, the art of scrambling is a Pacific Northwest passion – and one heck of a serious workout.
Smart Stretching
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Don't keep those beautiful muscles and joints all cooped up. Give them room to move!
By Pilar Gerasimo
According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, proprioceptive forms of training – activities, like balancing on a wobbly surface, that require the body to “self-monitor” and adjust based on subtly shifting physiological signals – are very effective in improving dynamic joint stabilization and functional strength. But wait, that’s not all!
By Christopher Cross
If your family is yearning for an outdoor adventure, sea kayaking on Lake Superior may be just the ticket.
By Vic Sussman
How much cash would you slap down for a magic pill that would grant you a lifetime of physical strength, vibrant good health, mental sharpness, and – that most prized possession – a good-looking body? Don't bother answering, because you can win all these benefits and more without resorting to magic or medication. All you have to do is add a range of muscle-building exercises to your regular fitness regimen.
By Berit Thorkelson
Are you trailing a string of fitness failures mysterious enough to be classified as an x-file? Here's how to get to the bottom of your UFOs once and for all.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
You work out, watch what you eat, and lead a healthy lifestyle — so you've probably got plenty to be proud of already. Yet you don't have to be a hardcore bodybuilder to want (and get) a little more visual pump in your physique. In order to find out exactly what it takes, we talked to the patron saint of hard-gainers, three-time Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane.
By Marty Gallagher
Weightlifting isn't just for muscle heads, it's for anyone who wants to see and feel their body at its best.
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