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grillede veggies

8 Tips for Healthy Grilling

By Camille Berry
Take your cooking outdoors this summer and grill delicious meals with fewer health risks.
environmentally sustainable treats

5 Tasty and Sustainable Treats

By Experience Life Staff
Enjoy the present and take care of the future with these snacks and beverages.
Julieta Cruz

Food, Freedom, and Forgiveness: Julieta Cruz’s Success Story

By Julieta Cruz
A young woman learns to forgive and care for herself while healing her relationship with food.
a warm cup of coffee sits next to freshly baked cookies

Savoring: The Key to Forgotten Happiness

By Henry Emmons, MD and Aimee Prasek, PhD
When we fully notice and appreciate something, we create a pathway to joy.
thc and cbd infused drinks

Are THC-Infused Drinks Safe?

By Jazz Ward
It may be a bit too soon to know if so-called weed drinks are safe to consume. Learn more.
a woman makes a stir fry

A Glossary of Lesser-Known Cooking Terms and Definitions

By Camille Berry
Ever wonder why a recipe says to “deglaze” the pan, or what it means to “fold” in egg whites? Get familiar with these culinary terms and their definitions.
a variety of health snack ideas to get you through the day

Pack Healthy Snacks

By Experience Life Staff
May's One Healthy Habit challenge aims to help you handle hunger pangs and afternoon energy slumps.
a family grills in their backyard

Fire Up the Grill! 11 Healthy Recipes to Enjoy

By Experience Life Staff
From main dishes to vegan sides and even dessert, these grillable recipes are perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or planning a weekend cookout.
a young woman helps an elderly man walk

The Hidden Costs of Family Caregiving

By Jazz Ward
Here's a closer look at the financial and emotional costs of providing care for your loved ones.
spring brunch egg and sweet potato nests

17 Delicious Brunch Recipes

By Experience Life Staff
These spring-inspired recipes are a great way to create a healthy and nutritious meal for your friends and family.
a woman smells radishes at a farmer's market

8 Tips to Pick the Best Produce

By Camille Berry
Spring is prime time for some of your favorite veggies and fruits. Select the freshest options with these tips.
Lisa Samalonios at a yoga retreat

Empty Nest, New Beginnings: Lisa Samalonis’s Success Story

By Lisa Samalonis
A single mother whose life revolved around her kids finds inner peace and community at her local health club.
people walk up stairs

Step into Comfort: 5 Walking Shoes for All-Day Comfort

By Experience Life Staff
Here are five of our favorite shoes that can go the distance.
omelet with asparagus

12 Fresh and Healthy Asparagus Recipes to Enjoy This Spring

By Experience Life Staff
Asparagus is a versatile and delicious spring vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes. These 12 asparagus recipes are easy to make and will enhance your next meal!
a decluttered utensil drawer

APRIL CHALLENGE: Declutter Your Spaces

By Experience Life Staff
Build healthy patterns with our One Healthy Habit challenge. This month, we sort through all the stuff.
thick bike tires on a gravel path

What Is Gravel Cycing, and How Can I Get Started?

By Marco Dregni
Back roads, dust, beautiful scenery, and bicycling joy: a primer on gravel cycling.
a woman stands at her desk stretching her quad

5 of Our Favorite Items to Create a Healthy Work Space

By Experience Life Staff
Make your office space better for your body.
a man sitting by a large tree

The 7 Roots of Resilience

By Henry Emmons, MD and Aimee Prasek, PhD
Stay steady through hard times with these seven tips.
a laptop sits on a clear counter

How to Become a Digital Minimalist

By Cal Newport, PhD
A three-step plan to streamline your digital life and reclaim time for what matters most to you.
Ryan Frankel with his bike an a photo of his app

No Distractions: Ryan Frankel’s Success Story

By Ryan Frankel
One man is inspired to advocate for more attentive driving after being injured in an accident involving a distracted motorist.
a salad with orange slices

What are the Health Benefits of Oranges?

By Camille Berry
Oranges are a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins and minerals. Learn more and how to enjoy this fruit (even the peel!).
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