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Brad Jones

Brad Jones on Overcoming Setbacks and Thriving at Life Time

By Brad Jones

A 60day Challenge winner reflects on the whole-body health benefits he received when he began focusing on his fitness.

a honey comb dripping with honey

How to Find Real Honey, Coffee, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese, and Maple Syrup

By Lauren David

Watch out for imposters among these five favorite foods, and learn how to be sure you’re buying the real deal.

a man sits on the top of a mountain with a video camera filming himself

The Do’s and Don’ts of Following “Fitfluencers”

By Katie Virnig

Want #fitspo you can trust? Experts offer advice on engaging mindfully with fitness- themed social media content.

a woman tosses a salad while laughing

How Diet Can Make — or Break — Your Mental Health

By Chrystle Fiedler

Learn about the connection between food and mood and what you can eat to support your mental health.

a woman sit on a meditation cushion

ONE HEALTHY HABIT: Sit on the Floor Daily

By Experience Life Staff

Support your health, mobility, and longevity by regularly getting down on the ground and then rising from it.

an array of root veggies

5 Recipes Using Winter Root Vegetables

By Kate Morgan

Fall in love with cold-weather cooking with meals that put root veggies front and center.

a woman works at a standing workstation

6 Tips for Using a Standing Workstation

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

Consider these tips when you’re setting up a standing workstation.

cozy setting of a person reading

18 Ways to Find Hygge

By Laine Bergeson Becco

Slow down and create an environment of warmth and coziness, Danish-style.

a person sits on their couch with an ipad

What’s Your Sitting Score?

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

Take this assessment to help gauge your sedentary habits — and inspire you to make strides toward a healthier, more active lifestyle.

DIY holiday gifts

Make Your Own Gifts

By Experience Life Staff

These DIY gifts are beautiful, useful, and can be personalized for family and friends.

a woman sits smiling

How to Practice a Lovingkindness Meditation

By Experience Life Staff

Empathy is a gift that benefits everyone. Build yours with this mindfulness practice.

creamy spinach dip and dippables

The Low-Stress Cocktail Party

By Experience Life Staff

Try this spread of prep-ahead recipes to bring some ease to your next holiday gathering.

Been Sitting Too Long? Try These 2 Moves

Been Sitting Too Long? Try These 2 Moves

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

You can do these two mobility exercises at or next to your desk to balance out the effects of sitting.

a woman sits cross legged in an office chair

3 Tips for Dynamic Sitting

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

Whether you sit all the time or rotate between sitting and standing, these are three ways to keep moving.

Two people are pictured with a cactus tree in the background.

What We Can Learn From Indigenous Wellness: A Q&A With Thosh Collins and Chelsey Luger

By Kate Nelson

The husband-and-wife team talk about Native American ancestral knowledge and the importance of decolonizing wellness.

Ryan Speedo Green

A Grammy-Award-Winning Opera Singer’s Journey of Resilience and Health

By Ryan Speedo Green

Ryan Speedo Green on what it takes to become a champion.

Upset and tired teenager sitting on the floor keeps hand to cheek looking thoughtfully and hopeless with an illustration of chaos emanating from his head.

Why Anxiety Is Not Your Enemy

By David H. Rosmarin, PhD

A case study in how to live — and thrive — with anxiety.


Can Ashwagandha Boost VO2 Max?

By Marco Dregni

This adaptogenic herb has been used for ages in Ayurvedic medicine to aid health and immunity. Now, exercise scientists believe it may also enhance aerobic performance.

a woman stands up from a chair while rubbing her back

The Vital Role Standing — Versus Sitting — Plays in Your Health

By Kelly Starrett, DPT, and Juliet Starrett

Sitting for long periods might be common, but it can undermine your health. Standing up, however, is a simple act that can infuse your day with beneficial movement.

a customer engages with a barista

Make a Micro-Connection

By Experience Life Staff

This month’s One Healthy Habit challenge supports your social health by encouraging positive encounters with others.

vegetarian casserole recipes

5 Healthy Plant-Forward Casseroles

By Alyssa Shultis

Flavorful and full of good-for-you ingredients, these vegetable casseroles will warm you up as winter sets in — no condensed soup required.

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