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fall leaves

Is Aging a Disease?

By Experience Life Staff

Learn why this controversial question has set off a debate between those in geriatric healthcare and those in longevity research.

ramen bowls for postpartum nutrition recovery

5 Meals for Postpartum Parents

By Kate Morgan

Nourishing food is an important element of postpartum healing and lactation. These healthy, whole-food recipes are designed to support new mothers.

Katie Lemon on a sunset cruise

Mental Health and Hormonal Birth Control: Katie Lemon’s Story

By Katie Lemon

A woman experiencing adverse side effects from hormonal birth control finds relief when she pursues another option.

fun illustration of reproductive organs being supported with nurtition

Take Your Libido-Supporting Supplements

By Experience Life Staff

If your sex drive has waned, consider giving these key vitamins and herbs a try.

a hand holding packaging free soap

Our Favorite Skincare Products — With Plastic-Free Packaging

By Experience Life Staff

Sumptuous, sustainable body-care products — all packaged without plastic.

a happy couple

How to Move Beyond Individualism to Create a More Loving Relationship

By Terrance Real

Strong relationships require letting go of a me-first perspective and considering the collective good. A renowned couples therapist explains how we can move past our individualism to become better partners. 

a woman uses virtual reality goggles to box

5 Fitness Trends to Watch

By Katie Virnig

Forget flash-in-the-pan exercise fads. These sustainable, accessible movements are already shaping the future of fitness.

how to exercise when there is smokey air

Is It Safe to Exercise Outdoors When the Air Quality Is Bad?

By Jessica Migala

Athletes are particularly susceptible to the effects of air pollution. Here’s what you need to know about working out outside — as well as how to protect yourself.

a small green plant grows out of coins

How Your Banking and Investment Choices Can Help Make the World a Better Place

By Lola Méndez

Start investing in a better future today by exploring greener investment options and learning to incorporate environmentally friendly choices into your financial portfolio.

a family sits in a therapy session

The Transformative Power of Family Therapy

By Experience Life Staff

Discover how family therapy can help you and your loved ones open the lines of communication to promote healing and build resilience.

a woman stretches at her work station while sitting on an exercise ball

Move Throughout Your Day

By Experience Life Staff

This month’s One Healthy Habit challenge encourages taking a break from busyness to build fitness.

4 recipes that are 30 grams of protein

How to Eat 30 Grams of Protein at Every Meal

By Maddie Augustin

Including protein at every meal will keep you full — plus, it’s crucial for building muscle, managing metabolism, and more. Hit your macro goals with these protein-packed recipes.

a person squeezes sunscreen into their palm

Be Sun Smart

By Experience Life Staff

Outdoor time in the sun is essential to your health, but too much sun exposure can have serious consequences. Use this month’s One Healthy Habit challenge to find the right balance.

kale frittata

11 Creative and Tasty Kale Recipes (That Aren’t Salads!)

By Experience Life Staff

From refreshing morning smoothies to a comforting one-pot pasta dish, these recipes will not only keep you satisfied, but also provide a healthful boost.

Jason Burns

Taking Flight: Jason Burns’s Story

By Jason Burns

How one man took control of his health after he was grounded from flying lessons because of his weight.

a woman relaxes at the beach

5 of Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Beach Products

By Experience Life Staff

Enhance your time by the water with these sustainable goods.

fresh sorbet made with berries

Indulge in Fresh Berries This Summer With These 11 Recipes

By Experience Life Staff

It’s berry season! From frozen treats to warm crisps and crumbles, these recipes will help you savor these sweet little treasures.

a man sprints off a starting block

Boost Your Fitness With Sprint Interval Training

By Julie Dulude

Sprint interval training (SIT) can improve your fitness performance and transform your body at the cellular level. Learn more and get started with these workouts from Olympic athlete Mechelle Lewis Freeman.

a rainbow of fruits and veggies

Eat a Rainbow of Plants

By Experience Life Staff

Take advantage of the summer harvest and challenge yourself with this month’s One Healthy Habit to eat more colorful plant-based foods each day.

a fruit pizza made into the image of an American flag

A Fourth of July Party Menu

By Experience Life Staff

Celebrate your holiday weekend with this menu that includes salmon-dill burgers, a new take on a watermelon salad, and a flag-inspired fruit pizza.

Matthew Hurley

Arrest and Recovery: Matthew Hurley’s Story

By Experience Life Staff

How one man overcame drug addiction and found peace through serving others.

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