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A ripped piece of paper that spells out Parkinson's disease
By Craig Cox
Cases of the debilitating neurological disease have been surging in recent years and some researchers suggest COVID-19 may accelerate the trend.
A smiling woman sits on a rock by a waterfall.
By Craig Cox
Memories of a former colleague — and recent research — remind me that an upbeat view of aging may pay healthy dividends well into our later years.
A pamphlet for Medicare
By Craig Cox
Navigating the Medicare enrollment process should be easy. It is not.
A puzzle based on the $100 bill
By Craig Cox
Financial stress during middle age can create physical pain in your later years, according to a new study. My own family’s experience suggests healing is possible.
A stethoscope on a check from the United States Treasury
By Craig Cox
COVID has drawn fresh attention to our broken long-term-care system, sparking some ambitious government initiatives. But recent research suggests there’s much more work to be done.
Someone left the keys in the refrigerator.
By Craig Cox
The latest thinking on Alzheimer’s disease suggests we may slow its development with diet and lifestyle shifts, but a recent harrowing experience has me wondering whether my brain is already too far gone — or if I just need to pay better attention to what I’m doing.
Two birds over a couple of orange halves.
By Craig Cox
Like many empty nesters, I often wonder what role I should be playing in my adult children’s lives. An unexpected visit from our daughter after months of silence provided some clarity.
A variety of medical tools
By Craig Cox
A prediabetes diagnosis can trigger all sorts of nightmarish scenarios, but mounting evidence suggests that seniors are a lot less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than we’ve been led to believe.
a dog looks forlornly out a window
By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC
Here's how to maintain social connections — even amid a pandemic.
A hospital bed with blue-and-white bedding
By Craig Cox
A promising wave of geriatric emergency departments, designed to cut hospital costs and better accommodate seniors, has been slowed by a lack of support from insurers — including Medicare.
A person with a COVID vaccine card gives the thumbs-up.
By Craig Cox
I’ve never won a contest of any sort in my life, so when I got word that I’d been chosen to receive a COVID vaccine, I figured there must be some mistake.
A person holds a hearing aid.
By Craig Cox
Four years have passed since Congress ordered the FDA to draft guidelines allowing the sale of affordable over-the-counter hearing aids. For the millions of hearing-impaired seniors, the agency’s response speaks volumes.
a woman sits with her eyes closed and hands behind head
By Michael Dregni
The way we breathe affects our athletic performance, cognitive health, and overall well-being. Here's how to breathe better.
A snow-covered bike sign
By Craig Cox
I’m not the only geezer trying to get back in shape after COVID-19 derailed my preferred fitness routine. A renowned British physician warns of a looming “deconditioning pandemic” among the elderly.
A vial of pot and a prescription pad
By Craig Cox
Cannabis-based medicine is gaining popularity among seniors coping with chronic pain, anxiety, and other conditions. But the research is sparse and the potential side effects worrisome.
Two people clasp hands through a closed window.
By Craig Cox
Why has COVID-19 claimed such a disproportionate share of lives in nursing homes with predominantly minority populations? New research suggests it may be a natural consequence of a highly segregated industry.
Two arrows are shown, one with a clear path and one that is all tangled.
By Craig Cox
With computer access and capabilities often standing in the way of elderly Americans trying to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine, a little patience — and perspective — can really come in handy.
A picture of an advance directive
By Craig Cox
Advanced directives can help ensure that doctors clearly understand your end-of-life treatment preferences. That doesn’t mean they’ll honor them.
Athletic woman with eye glasses stretching
By Craig Cox
According to a recent study, even moderate exercise can help slow or even prevent vision loss.
A person walks with a cane.
By Craig Cox
Recent research suggests we take a more holistic approach to treating frailty among the elderly, focusing more on exercise than pharmaceuticals.
A piggy bank sits next to a small chalkboard filled with question marks.
By Craig Cox
Like most of my boomer compatriots, I’m never going to save enough money to fund a work-free retirement. A recent study aims to help future generations avoid that fate.
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