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By Alisa Bauman
No pain, no gain belongs on the dust heap of fitness mottoes. But if you're unwilling to experience even a little discomfort, you're probably leaving a lot of fitness results on the table.
By Joe Henderson
If you're gonna run the miles, do your body a favor – Run 'em right.
By Dimity McDowell
Ready to take your fitness to-do list to new heights? Try climbing a 14,000-foot mountain. If the challenge doesn't hook you, the view will.
By Karen Asp
Zoning out on the treadmill? Fretting while you lift? That lack of focus could be undermining your workouts. Take some advice from the pros on how to tame your wandering mind.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Whether you want to lose weight or improve performance, knowing your anaerobic threshold can help you achieve optimal results in minimum time.
By Dimity McDowell
Meet a new breed of athlete — fitness lovers who are leading the charge to protect and preserve access to the natural environments on which their favorite sports depend.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Had it with your sedentary job? Don't just sit there! Reduce stress and keep your muscles on task with some simple workday workouts.    
By Kara Douglass Thom
Let go of your preconceived notions. Find your stride, seek your rhythm and discover the runner inside you.
By Dimity McDowell
Don't leave your healthy habits behind when you travel. Here are some strategies for keeping your fitness moving while you are on the move.
By Angela Pirisi
Dread them though you might, corporate retreats with a wild side can bolster confidence, build relationships and improve everybody's outlook.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Adopting a fitness routine suited to your athletic body type can make the difference in whether your workouts are frustrating or fulfilling.         
By Paul Scott
New Year, new plan, right? Great, but don't just hop on the first workout train out of the station. Instead, step back: Examine your goals, your desires, your personality, your life. A little self-awareness now could prevent exercise derailment down the track.
By Dimity McDowell
There's more than downhill skiing at mountain resorts. Now you can enjoy the snow four or five ways, even if you have only a weekend to spare.
By Sally Edwards and Bev Robinson
Knowing your maximum heart rate is essential for effective aerobic workouts. But if you're using 220 minus your age, you may be missing the mark entirely.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Plyometrics are a demanding form of exercise, but they can add speed and power to your athletic endeavors.
By Kara Douglass Thom
It's cold and dark and there are no races on the calendar. What's a triathlete to do? Something fun.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Ready to expand your horizons? Try a journey into transformative territory – a spiritual retreat center.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Use proper breathing to go longer, get stronger and give your workouts extra oomph.
By Jennifer Barrett
How three people conquered physical and emotional pain to regain their former fitness.
woman laughing in fitness room
By Victoria Freeman
Have you ever had a profound emotional experience during your workout and not understood why? Here's a scientific look at what's behind exercise-induced emotional release and what it may be telling you.
By Sally Edwards and Bev Robinson
Feel like your fitness regimen is stalling? Grab a heart-rate monitor for instant feedback and lasting motivation.
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