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a woman holds her lower back after a run

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Strengthen a Weak Lower Back?

By Jen Sinkler
Use loaded-carry exercises to build QL strength and break the “chain of pain.”
a woman holds a weighted barbell in the rack position

How Many Sets and Rep Should I Be Doing in My Lifting Routine?

By Jen Sinkler
Expert answers on creating a weight lifting routine.
two light weight dumbbells sit on a yoga mat

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Workout With MS?

By Jen Sinkler
Finding a way to work out with multiple sclerosis can be difficult, but following a few guidelines often makes exercise easier and helps manage the disease.
a man holds his knee

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Fix Runner’s Knee?

By Jen Sinkler
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or runner’s knee, can often be resolved by strengthening the core and glutes. 
a woman sits and rests against a cement pillar listening to music

Should You Work Out When Your Muscles Are Still Sore?

By Jen Sinkler
Expert answers on sore muscles and working out.
a man holds his low back with an illustration of the spine overlaid

Fitness Fixes: Can I Correct Lordosis?

By Jen Sinkler
An expert answers on a common condition called hyperextension or swayback.
a woman prepares to do a squat at the rack

What Is a Better Spine Stabilizer for Weightlifting?

By Jen Sinkler
Expert answers on whether or not you should pull in your belly button or brace your abs when lifting weights.
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