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By Experience Life Staff
Do you know your own strength? Are you making the most of your resistance workout? Find out how to use fitness testing to your advantage – and how to put your muscle to the test.
By Megan McMorris
No time? No problem. You can still squeeze in a worthwhile cardio or weightlifting workout on even your busiest days.
sore neck
By Kermit Pattison
A chronic case of computer neck can undermine your work and your workouts. So don't sit and suffer. Start getting the kinks out – now.
By Kermit Pattison
You worked hard - and now you're feeling the hurt. Time to get wise about delayed onset muscle soreness.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Working with a personal trainer or an exercise Instructor is a great way to boost your fitness know-how – particularly if you take an active role in your own learning.
By Matthew Solan
Listen up: There's a quiet subculture of outdoor enthusiasts who prefer muscle power to motorized recreation — and they're beginning to make some noise.
smiling woman on treadmill
By Erin Peterson
Don't let intimidation and insecurity keep you from enjoying your in-club workouts.
By Kelly James-Enger
Why settle for ho-hum workouts when real inspiration and satisfaction are within reach? Here's what you need to know to make your fitness pursuits more fun —and your results more fabulous.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Whether you want to lose weight or improve performance, knowing your anaerobic threshold can help you achieve optimal results in minimum time.
By Paul Scott
New Year, new plan, right? Great, but don't just hop on the first workout train out of the station. Instead, step back: Examine your goals, your desires, your personality, your life. A little self-awareness now could prevent exercise derailment down the track.
By Sally Edwards and Bev Robinson
Knowing your maximum heart rate is essential for effective aerobic workouts. But if you're using 220 minus your age, you may be missing the mark entirely.
woman laughing in fitness room
By Victoria Freeman
Have you ever had a profound emotional experience during your workout and not understood why? Here's a scientific look at what's behind exercise-induced emotional release and what it may be telling you.
By Sally Edwards and Bev Robinson
Feel like your fitness regimen is stalling? Grab a heart-rate monitor for instant feedback and lasting motivation.
By Dimity McDowell
Weary of working toward weight loss — or worse, toward nothing in particular? Choose one of our four real-life goals, employ the accompanying workout plan, and get ready for some inspired spring training!
an old fashioned alarm clock sits by fitness equipment
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Are you going through the motions and settling for so-so results? Maybe you need a master plan - and a mesocycle.
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Whoa there, champ! Before you throw yourself full throttle into New Year's exercise mode, first consider where you really want to land.
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