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Whether you’re looking to round out your Easy Strength sessions or simply craving a sweat-heavy cardio burst, the following treadmill routine may be just the rut-busting routine you need.

Designed by Jill Coleman, the California-based owner of JillFit Physiques and creator of the TreadLift program, this 30-minute high-intensity routine will challenge you with alternating incline sprint and recovery segments, helping you build muscular endurance while supporting postworkout fat burn.

Perform this workout just two or three times per week. “This helps manage recovery so you can get up the next day and train hard again,” Coleman explains.

The routine can be done walking or running, making it scalable for both new and returning exercisers. The speeds and inclines for running and walking are suggestions, so feel free to adjust the levels to suit your needs.

Remember: Don’t skimp on the prescribed rest periods, and don’t be afraid to take a break — especially if you feel lightheaded or nauseated.

“The key with a workout this intense,” says Coleman, “is to listen to your body.”

The Routine

Time Incline Setting Speed Segment
0-1 minutes 2.5 Walk: 2.5; Run: 5 mph Warm-up
1:00-2:00 2 Walk: 3 mph; Run 5.5 mph Warm-up
2:00-3:00 1.5 Walk: 3.5; Run 6 mph Warm-up
3:00-4:00 1 Walk: 4 mph; Run: 6 mph Warm-up
4:00-5:00 0 Walk: 4.5; Run: 6mph Warm-up
5:00-5:20 15 Walk: 3.5; Run: 6mph 20-second sprint
5:20-6:00 15 Rest: Step off or slow down 40-second rest

Repeat the above 20-second sprint/40 second rest 10 total times until you get to the 15-minute mark.

15:00-15:30 11 Walk: 4.5; Run 7 mph 30-second sprint
15:30-16:15 11 Rest: Step off or slow down 45-second rest

Repeat the above 30-second sprint/45-second rest six times, until you get to the 22:30 mark.

22:30-23:00 7 Walk: 5 mph; Run: 8 mph 30-second sprint
23:00-23:45 7 Rest: Step off or slow down 45-second rest

Repeat the above 3-second sprint/45-second rest six times, until you get to the 30-minute mark.

Walk slowly at a low incline to cool down.

Download directions.

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