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By Craig Cox
I married into a family cabin almost 30 years ago, which is a marvelous happenstance, except for the October Saturday every year when My Lovely Wife and I are called upon to drive 200 miles north to Cass County, Minn., for the annual bringing in of the dock.
Emotional Freedom
By Experience Life Staff
By Judith Orloff, MD (Harmony Books, 2009)
By Craig Cox
For months now, I’ve been struggling to find ways to “mix up” my workout routine. Loyal readers may recall my foray onto the basketball court awhile back or my occasional yoga adventures. Well, now that I’m everyone’s favorite tennis opponent, the problem isn’t so…
By Craig Cox
Back to the gym last night after a couple of weeks away, and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I climbed on the scale before my workout.
By Craig Cox
Before Monday's workout, I'd been away from the gym for a couple of weeks (vacation + procrastination), and I'm feeling the effects today: sore shoulders and arms from lifting, mostly.
By Craig Cox
OK, let’s see if I can do a little inventory of sore muscles this morning: lower back, check; both knees, check; right shoulder, check; quads, check; hammies, check; left ankle . . . . Maybe it would take less space…
By Craig Cox
True to my word (see previous post), I actually did pedal over to the local yoga studio with My Lovely Wife yesterday for a noon beginner’s class. And it went fine — except for the Eagle Pose, which probably takes…
By Craig Cox
I put about 20 miles on the Schwinn on Saturday, running various errands with My Lovely Wife.
By Craig Cox
“Rabbit grabs the rebound but then can’t move with it, his body weighs a ton, his feet have lost their connection to his head. Tiger knifes in between him and the basket, leans right in his face with a violet…
By Craig Cox
I'm thinking this morning about that old saying about the best-laid plans often going astray.
By Craig Cox
The holiday weekend lacked fireworks, though our neighbor outfitted his front yard with a red, white and blue light show featuring the music of John Phillip Sousa, Bruce Springsteen and Ray Charles (the latter singing his own stirring rendition of "America the Beautiful"), which debuted the evening of July 3 with much fanfare and, perhaps owing to a visit or two from less patriotic neighbors, did not favor us with an Independence Day encore.
By Craig Cox
My eldest sibling likes to remind those of us who envy his retirement lifestyle that the one big problem with life after work is that "every day is a Saturday," which is to say a day in which you tend to go shopping, have lunch or dinner out and generally open your wallet on more occasions than you might otherwise do so.
people laughing in conference room
By Michael Gelb
Enjoying humor and engaging in laughter have serious—and positive—consequences for our health, happiness and chances for success. Here’s the lowdown on laughter and how you can trigger its practical benefits in your own life.
By Jennifer Barrett
We know that excessive sun exposure is unhealthy, but there’s increasing evidence that blocking out all the sun’s rays can be equally dangerous. Find out why many health experts now see moderate sun exposure as essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind.
By Craig Cox
So, as promised in my earlier post, I’m reporting back. And as I suspected, I haven’t been able to get to the gym every day on a regular schedule since then, but I have been getting in some good workouts…
Light Rhythms
By Karen Olson
How and when we are exposed to light can affect our bodies in some surprising (and not always beneficial) ways. Here’s what you need to know about your body’s built-in responses to cycles of light and dark — and how you can make the most of them for better health.
Lyme Disease
By Pamela Weintraub
When a mysterious and debilitating illness overtook her and her family, the author struggled to find some answers. What she discovered about Lyme disease — and how little is actually known or agreed upon by the medical experts — is something everyone who goes outdoors should learn.
By Craig Cox
It’s been about a week now since I made it downstairs to the gym (lots of evening work recently), so I can’t say I’ve been very diligent on the exercise front. I have been bicycling into the office every day,…
woman lazing on couch
By Dimity McDowell
Most of us struggle at some point to overcome a stubborn resistance to exercising. Here are some tips for getting — and keeping — your body in motion, even when you don’t feel like it.
Not Your Average Patient
By Joseph Hart
Is healthcare something delivered by a provider when you get sick — or something you do for yourself to stay vital, healthy and well? A growing number of health seekers say “both.” Together, they’re forging an empowered new path through America’s broken medical system.
By Craig Cox
So, I skipped the gym on Friday but made up for it on Saturday. Not on the lifting front -- unless you count flipping burgers on the grill (yum!) -- but I got plenty of cardio.
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