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The​ ​Power​ ​Parfait​, like a smoothie, is a perfect vehicle for superfoods. You don’t have to miss out on the fun superfood craze just because you don’t drink a smoothie for breakfast or have a super-duper blender! This breakfast has the power to set your mornings free and is an easy, gut-friendly meal to start to your day.

The following recipe makes one serving — if you’re packing up a week’s worth, simply line up your to-go containers and measure the ingredients into each one. Feel free to switch up the fruit!

Power​ ​Parfait​ Recipe

  • ¾ cup yogurt
  • ¼ cup plain oats
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • Small scoop of protein powder
  • Splash or two of homemade nut milk or water
  • ¾ cup fresh berries or other chopped fruit
  • ¼ cup low-sugar granola

This piece is adapted from Thin From Within: The Go With Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, a new book by Robin Youkilis.

Photography by: Ellen Silverman

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