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Shawna Green
By Shawna Green
How a single mom emerged from a challenging year healthier, happier, and more connected with her kids.
A collage of weight scales
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Conventional weight-loss strategies often fail because they don’t account for a host of intersecting factors that are unique in each of us. Here are the variables that matter most — and why.
By Heidi Wachter
After decades of desperate attempts to transform her body, Patricia Moreno discovered the key to lasting change lay elsewhere — in her own heart and mind.
A woman stretches before the sun.
By Andrew Heffernan
Glutes and godliness. Biceps and the Bible. On first view, fitness and faith may seem a strange match. But for many people, spiritual motivations bring deeper meaning to their health and fitness pursuits, and prove to be a positive, pivotal factor in supporting them.
By Lisa Brannan-Blair
How one woman danced her way to a health and wellness transformation.
By Michael Adams
How a busy husband, father, and business owner moved beyond excuses and made his health and fitness a priority.
Fittest Metro Areas
By Heidi Wachter
The list of healthiest U.S. metro areas has been released, but don't judge a city by its numbers.
By Michele Martin
How one woman changed the course of her life — with some help from her friends — to come back better than ever.
Hungry Fat
By Dr. David Ludwig, MD, PhD
Satisfy your appetite, retrain your fat cells, and lose weight for good.
By Jenny Paul
How a photo inspired one woman to change her life — and the image she projects to the world.
By Experience Life Staff
New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Bailor on why we should be doing the opposite of the standard weight-loss advice to eat less and exercise more.
By Experience Life Staff
After struggling with her weight throughout childhood, Jacquelyn B. Fletcher lost 100 pounds — and has kept it off for nearly two decades. Here, she recalls the moment she realized her body — and her life — would be forever changed.
By Experience Life Staff
New research finds that beyond physical health issues associated with obesity, it may also impair our brains.
By Experience Life Staff
See how one couple overcame a legacy of obesity — and built a stronger life together along the way.
A woman hangs from a bar.
By Andrew Heffernan
Strength training isn’t just for building muscle anymore: It’s an all-in-one functional-fitness strategy.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
The American Medical Association's "disease" label appears to boost feelings of self-acceptance among obese people — but it may also undermine weight-loss efforts, a recent study suggests.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
Confused about nutrition? This book and movie will help shed some new light.
The Calorie Myth
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Senior editor Laine Bergeson shares three of her top takeaways from Jonathan Bailor's groundbreaking book, The Calorie Myth.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
Losing the weight was hard, but shifting my body image has been the real obstacle.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
Trying something you see as odd often leads to great rewards.
By Experience Life Staff
The Obalon Balloon, researchers claim, helps patients feel full and can jump-start weight loss.
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