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a woman licks the end of a spoon
By Margaret Churchill, M.A.
Maybe the thing your appetite craves isn't more food, but more attention. Here's how to eat intuitively.
Happy woman showing how strong her arms are.
By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT
Have weight loss goals? Learn what makes up your body weight — and why you want to use methods outside of the scale to measure your progress.
A wave of lines going up and down like a roller coaster.
By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT
Many of us are at risk of blood-sugar imbalance — whether you’re aware of it or not. Here's everything to know about blood sugar, including the habits you can implement to control it.
Illustration of a flame inside two arrows that form a circle.
By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT
Can you get stuck with a “slow” metabolism? Should you eat every two hours? Sift through six widely-accepted myths and learn what you really can do to boost your metabolism.
Clear drink with lemon and herbs in it on a black table.
By The Life Time Training Team
Should alcohol be part of your healthy lifestyle, or could it be doing you more damage than good? Learn the health benefits and risks.
Glass of water and a bottle of pills spilling out.
By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT
Coach Sam breaks downs the findings of a recent study that looked at the connection between this vital vitamin and the novel coronavirus.
Woman sitting on an exercise ball.
By Anika Christ, RD, CPT
When it comes to weight loss, emotional barriers can be the hardest kind to overcome. Learn from the insights and experiences of others to help guide you on your own journey.
A headshot of Paul Kriegler
By Paul Kriegler, RD, CPT
Because our natural production or function of digestive enzymes and acids can be blunted for various reasons, many people may feel and function better when supplementing with enzymes.
Woman with hand on her face.
By Anika Christ, RD, CPT
Our bodies are pretty good at letting us know know when something is off. See if one of these signs might be indicating that it's time to detox.
Person chopping up fresh vegetables.
By Anika Christ, RD, CPT
Looking to rid your body of unwanted toxins? These 12 strategies will set you up for a successful detox — and help you to not feel deprived.
An illustration of a person flexing their arms with cells floating behind him.
By Paul Kriegler, RD, CPT
How do you build a strong immune system? How do healthy people stay healthy when others don't? Find out in our ultimate guide to your immune system.
A woman holds a large disco ball.
By Casie Leigh Lukes
For writer and podcast host Sarah Nicole Landry, self-worth goes beyond her body. She shares her evolving journey of what it means to show up for oneself in love.
A plate with a little food on it and a fork and knife
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Intermittent fasting has many therapeutic uses, but not everyone should try it. Here's why.
doctor measuring man's stomach
By Anjula Razdan
Lurking under all that unwanted abdominal fat are hidden dangers that can hurt us to the core.
illustration of a woman in power position
By Experience Life Staff
Forget what you've been told. Forget what you think you know. Start breaking the rules, and you might just start making some headway.
A woman smiles at the gym.
By Emily Ewen
Learn more about this popular, goal-oriented program in our Q&A with a veteran 60day trainer.
Dumbells at the gym
By Andrew Heffernan
Can you lose weight just by lifting weights? If you want to get leaner, it’s time to start strength training. Here's how to lift to lose fat.
Illustration of two women and keto food
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Some women don't do well with the keto diet, while others do. It might come down to hormones, says one expert.
Illustration people at table with keto diet food
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Is the keto diet safe? Nutrition experts explain the pros and cons of this popular protocol.
A woman chopping up vegetables
By Pamela Weintraub
As an alternative to doomed diet regimens, some weight-loss experts recommend tuning in to our own instincts and trying intuitive eating. But are our bodies’ cravings always a good guide?
Jason Schanta before and after
By Jason Schanta
Connecting with his bigger why helped one man kick his emotional-eating habit and learn to love working out.
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