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Experience Life fitness editor Maggie Fazeli Fard walks on a sidewalk.
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Amid the coronavirus crisis, a step challenge helps our fitness editor regain her footing.
plank on the beach
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
You've probably been told that you should warm up before exercise, but has anyone shown you how?
Kelly Richards wearing a bike helmet.
By Kelly Richards
A survivor of traumatic brain injury shares the story of her bike accident and subsequent recover as a cautionary — yet inspiring — tale.
Headshot of NFL veteran Tim Hightower.
Purpose is critical to our sense of meaning and happiness. NFL veteran Tim Hightower discusses how his focus on purpose has guided him and offers advice we can all follow for pursuing our own purpose-driven lives.
Skateboarder doing trick
By Sarah Tuff
Take your skateboarding skills to a gnarly new level with these pro tips.
Joe Delagrave plays wheelchair rugby.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
After a boating accident left him paralyzed at 19, one athlete found his passion in wheelchair rugby — and encouraging others to overcome obstacles.
Three women on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro holding a sign that says "Life Time."
By Life Time
How three Life Time members trained to summit Mount Kilimanjaro — and raise awareness for their clean water nonprofit.
An illustration of a woman rollerskating with her dog on a leash.
By Jessie Sholl
Why cutting loose is so good for our mental and physical health — and how to do it more often.
Allyson Felix headshot
By Molly Tynjala
The Olympic champion shares what she’s learned so far about motherhood, success, and adapting to uncertainty.
A woman on a hike looking at a mountain landscape.
By Sarah Tuff
Amp up your fitness regimen this summer by complementing your indoor routine with a new favorite outdoor activity.
Surfer on the water.
By Michael Dregni
Expert advice and drills to enhance your surfing skills and enjoyment.
Man looking at smart watch.
By Paul Kriegler, RD, CPT
Training for a 5K can be a great way to achieve and maintain higher levels of fitness, endurance, and strength — whether you're a runner or not.
Girl practicing volleyball in gym
By Sarah Tuff
Improve your volleyball skills by learning the art of quick feet and building explosive power.
Man running outside in a beautiful landscape.
By Sarah Tuff
Trail running offers a unique blend of mental and physical training. These expert tips can help you stay injury-free and enjoy fitness gains.
A copy of the book cover, Still Sideways
By Devon Raney
Read an excerpt from adventurer Devon Raney’s new book, Still Sideways: Riding the Edge Again After Losing My Sight.
Woman high fiving someone
By Lindsey Frey Palmquist
Hear from a few of our Life Time experts about what they’re committed to improve, try for the first time, or learn in 2020 — and get inspired to set and achieve your own goals.
feet in snowshoes
By Nicole Radziszewski
Boost your enjoyment of snowshoeing with these tips.
American Birkebeiner Downtown Hayward, WI
By Kara Douglass Thom
Sports travel lets you combine your favorite fitness passion with the opportunity to explore new places.
Two women shadowboxing.
By Sarah Tuff
Power your jabs and hooks with these expert boxing tips.
Fat-tire bike
By Heidi Wachter
One of our senior editors shares the skinny on riding a fat-tire bike.
Volleyball Players
By Michael Dregni
These senior athletes may inspire you to rethink your perceptions of aging.
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