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It began as a vision for a new kind of health club — and after several years of relentless effort, it became a reality in September 1994, with the opening of the first from-the-ground-up Life Time in Eagan, Minn., a growing suburb south of St. Paul. This 75,000-square-foot facility set a new standard for “gyms.”

For Life Time founder and CEO, Bahram Akradi, an engineer by training, the blueprints of that first fitness center were etched in his mind — he knew exactly what he wanted to create. Yet he encountered plenty of skepticism right up until the club’s opening just six months after breaking ground.

With plenty of space, state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable team members, and vibrant class offerings, Life Time Eagan quickly became a destination for its members. It put a stake in the ground about what a health club experience could be.

Today, 30-plus years later, Life Time has grown to more than 175 athletic country clubs around the country and in Canada, with a focus that expands well beyond fitness: It’s about the complete healthy way of life. But what does that really mean?

“[It’s] a lens for examining every aspect of our lives, including our relationships, health, environment, and more,” says Akradi. “It’s a filter for honestly reflecting on whether our time, priorities, and choices are truly aligned with our values and passions.”

At Life Time, support for this is all-encompassing. The “more” that is offered now touches nearly every area of well-being and reaches beyond the physical locations.

Side by side image of a blueprint drawing for Life Time and a sketch of a Life Time health club.

The Athletic Country Club Experience

Life Time’s athletic country clubs provide countless opportunities to pursue just about any healthy-living endeavor through several amenities, products, offerings, and services.

A side by side image of the strength and cardio areas of a Life Time workout floor.

Movement: Whether you prefer to work out on your own, with a Dynamic Personal Trainer, in a small group, or in a large group, Life Time has you covered. An expansive, state-of-the-art workout floor; small group training classes like GTX, Alpha, Ultra Fit, and MB360; private and semi-private Pilates classes, group fitness classes including strength, cardio, cycle, yoga; and more — it’s all there to be part of your fitness routine.

A Dynamic Stretch Specialist using a percussive device on a client.

Recovery: Rest and recovery are just as crucial as movement for your overall health, and a Dynamic Stretch session can help you move better and recover faster. A certified stretch specialist guides you through stretches, range-of-motion work, and breathing exercises — all personalized to your goals. Plus, many Life Time locations offer access to complimentary recovery tools, including cold plunge tubs, percussive massage devices, and more.

A side by side image of two different instances of people playing pickleball.

Recreation: It’s never too late to get in the game. Life Time provides multiple sports opportunities, including leagues and lessons for kids and adults in tennis, basketball, swim, and pickleball.

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America and Life Time is leading the way as the company works to become the largest operator of indoor pickleball courts in the country with the goal of 1,000-plus pickleball courts available for play by the end of 2024.

Community: The Life Time community allows you to connect with people who value a healthy lifestyle as much as you do. Meet like-minded individuals through activities such as group classes, pickleball mixers, ARORA Coffee Club, or in-club events — there are a number of ways to make friends at the health club.

A woman and a few other people sitting at an outdoor table at Life Time enjoying LifeCafe food and drinks.

Nutrition: Life Time offers nutrition coaching and nourishing food options in the LifeCafe to fuel your healthy way of life. Life Time dietitians also created 1-2-12, a nutrition system that nearly anyone can use as a framework to improve their eating behaviors. There are also nutrition programs, such as the Life Time D.TOX, that has helped thousands of members improve their eating habits and health over the years.

A side by side image of a Life Time Beach Club and a close up of a pool at Life Time.

Relaxation and self-care: Every space at Life Time is designed to help you take care of your health, and that includes relaxation and personal care. You can experience saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools, and book spa or salon appointments at LifeSpa.

A side by side image of a young girl and an older man in the pool, both smiling.

Kids and families: A healthy way of life starts at a young age. At Life Time, you can drop your kids off for up to 2.5 hours while you enjoy the club, or sign them up for fun events like Parents Night Out or an entire summer of activities at kids camps. There are also several class options for kids on the schedule, including Kids Studio Classes, and varied drop-in classes such as tumbling, dancing, arts and crafts, S.T.E.A.M., and more.

ARORA: Discover a community within Life Time designed for people who want to stay healthy, active, and social, and have fun all the days of their lives. ARORA offers low- to no-impact classes, workouts, workshops, and sports to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.

The Life Time App

A hand holding a phone that's open to the Life Time app.

As a club member, the Life Time app is your connection to everything inside the club: Check in with your digital card; view and register for classes, courts, and events; log a workout; order from LifeCafe; or book services at the LifeSpa.

The Life Time app also aims to provide a healthy way of life for everyone — anytime, anywhere. With a growing library of live stream and on-demand classes, app-based workout and nutrition programs, meditations, and award-winning health and wellness content (including articles from Experience Life, Life Time’s award-winning magazine, and episodes of the Life Time Talks podcast), everything Life Time is now in your hands.

Athletic Events

Cyclists competing in an athletic event.

Athletic events have a unique way of bringing communities together around a common, healthy-way-of-life goal. With 30-plus events nationwide, Life Time provides premium race experiences designed to challenge and show off your dedicated training. Life Time members receive early access registration and guaranteed entry in lotteries after six months of membership.

Learn more about each of Life Time’s athletic events: “Choose Your Race: A Guide to Life Time’s 2024 Athletic Events

Life Time Work

Life Time Work

Life Time Work launched in the fall of 2018, reimagining shared workspaces to provide flexibility, accessibility, technology, and support for busy professionals. With 15 locations now open (and more to come!) in various markets around the country, these unique workspaces offer connections to communities of health-motivated professionals, as well as convenient access to Life Time’s athletic country clubs.

Life Time Living

The outside of Life Time Living Coral Gables.
Life Time Living living room space.

In early 2021, Life Time expanded its destination offerings with a first-of-its-kind comprehensive Life Time experience in Coral Gables, Fla., that includes the first Life Time Living, with nearly 500 high-end apartment homes.

Life Time Living weaves health into nearly every aspect of this residential development: an ideal location in a bustling, walkable neighborhood; sustainable materials; state-of-the-art soundproofing and lighting that support circadian rhythms; and connectedness with the larger community. With a Life Time Athletic and Life Time Work in the same development, this 1.2 million-square foot facility melds the key places most of us spend the majority our time. In many ways, it’s the culmination of healthy way of life: Here, you can move, work, and live.

Life Time Living recently opened its third and fourth residences in Stamford, Conn., and Burlington, Mass.

Values First

As Life Time continues to expand, it’s committed to enhancing the health, knowledge, and relationships of members as they pursue their unique health and wellness goals. With these guiding values, the company is on track to open three more athletic country club destinations in 2024 and even more arriving in 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Time

What’s included with a club-access membership?

A Standard Membership includes:

  • Club access
  • Amenities: workout floor, studio classes, indoor pools, gyms, child center/Kids Academy (amenities vary by location)
  • Life Time app features: Virtual training, live stream and on-demand classes, guided programs, and health and wellness content
  • One-hour onboarding session with a Dynamic Personal Trainer for each member age 14+
  • One month of group swim lessons when you enroll your junior in recurring lessons (four complimentary lessons for each child ages 13 and younger)
  • $25 LifeSpa credit

The Signature Membership includes all Standard Membership offerings plus, the following:

  • Unlimited Signature Group Training: GTX, Alpha, Ultra Fit, and MB360
  • Early registration for classes, infant care, and summer camps
  • Access to more clubs
  • Complimentary indoor tennis and indoor pickleball court time at select clubs

Explore more benefits: “9 Surprising Things Included In Your Membership” and “Maximizing the Experience: 7 Features of a Signature Membership

You can also join the Life Time community by downloading the Life Time app and enjoying the complimentary in-app features and programs.

Can I bring a friend to the club?

Members can invite a friend or family member through the Life Time app via a link found in the “My Profile” section of the app. When the guest receives the invite, they can easily, download the Life Time app, create an account, and accept their invite. When visiting the club, your guest will check in with a guest pass QR code found in their Life Time app. As a plus, they will also have access to all features of the Life Time app.

Guests will need to show a valid photo ID when entering the club — otherwise no paperwork is required. Keep in mind that the same guest can only visit the club once every 60 days.

Can I add my grandchild(ren) to my membership?

Yes. A grandparent can add grandchildren ages 3 months through 13 years upon completion of the Parent/Guardian Consent Form.

I heard a club is opening near me. Where can I get more information?

Life Time is growing and will continue to add new locations. View the list of clubs coming soon. If the location you’re interested in is not listed, keep an eye on the website for updates.

I want to start a new healthy-living routine. Is Life Time the place to do so?

Yes! Every Life Time member receives a complimentary onboarding session with an expert Dynamic Personal Trainer to learn about building a fitness routine, choosing nutrition supplements, and using the specialized equipment on the workout floor. There are also a number of other complimentary trainer-led experiences on the schedule you can sign up for.

Have more questions? Read more from Life Time’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Life Time Editorial Team

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