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Today’s world has us on the go more than ever before. We’re traveling, working remotely, and shuffling from one day’s activities to the next. At Life Time, we recognize the need for convenience and flexibility in a health and fitness regimen, which is why we developed our Life Time mobile app — and have now made it complimentary to anyone looking for the tools to live a healthier, happier life, regardless if you’re a Life Time club member or not.

The Life Time app brings our best people and programs to you, whenever you need it, allowing you to stick with your healthy way of life pursuits no matter life’s obstacles. Think of it as your trusted health and wellness companion that’s available to you anytime, anywhere.

Gaining access to the features of the app is as simple as clicking download. If you’re curious how it could benefit your regimen, check out some of the offerings you’ll find inside:

1. Live stream classes to your home. Join our best-in-class performers from across the country as they deliver fun, challenging fitness classes you can live stream through your preferred device or cast to your TV. There are hundreds of classes offered every week, giving you the opportunity to select the option from our portfolio of signature formats that best fits your schedule, your goals, and your mood.

2. Get a plan with digital training, nutrition, or weight-loss programs. Developed by top Life Time trainers and nutrition experts, these specialty programs offer a variety of proven strategies that guide you toward specific goals. Achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss, go through a nutritional reboot, find consistency in a strength-training routine, or choose the program best suited for you. Plans provide daily guidance and access to a real coach, plus tips to optimize your efforts and get results that last.

3. Take on-demand fitness classes. Taught by Life Time’s highly trained and motivating performers, our most popular classes are available in video format to be taken anytime you’re ready to hit play. Choose from cardio, strength, cycle, yoga, small-group training, or family classes, with options for all interests, fitness levels, and abilities.

4. Gain exclusive insights from the Life Time family. Experience Life features daily tips, advice, and perspectives from experts in every aspect of our business, as well as content from our award-winning magazine. In this section of the app, you’ll find fitness guidance from trainers, nutrition direction from dietitians, family ideas from the Life Time Kids team, self-care strategies from LifeSpa technicians, cooking techniques from LifeCafe chefs, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to our growing library of healthy and diet-friendly recipes that you can feel good about eating and that can help take the guesswork out of making nourishing choices.

In the Life Time Talks section of the app, you’ll find the also award-winning Life Time Talks podcast, which dives deep into different health and wellness topics, featuring conversations and tangible advice from experts in the Life Time family and beyond. Listen in the car, on a walk, as you cook dinner, or while you work out.

5. Use your bodyweight and at-home equipment. Choose from a variety of workouts that either use your bodyweight or the equipment you already have at home, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands.

6. Ease your mind with meditation. Guided meditations ranging from three to 20 minutes are designed and offered to help you de-stress, improve mental power, open yourself up to gratitude, be mindful in movement, and drift off to more restful sleep.

7. Shop the LifeShop store. From high-quality supplements and at-home workout tools to wearable technology and apparel, our carefully curated shop features products to support your healthy lifestyle. If you have a Life Time app account, you will be eligible for exclusive pricing on nutritional products, fitness equipment, and more.

Download the Life Time App

Level up your wellness routine by downloading the complimentary Life Time app. You do not need to be a member of a Life Time athletic country club to access the features of the app.

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Molly Kopischke

Molly Kopischke is the director of content strategy at Life Time.

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A hand holding a phone that's open to the Life Time app.

The Life Time App

Live your healthiest, happiest life — anywhere, anytime. The Life Time app is your key to our comprehensive suite of fitness, nutrition, and wellness tools and resources. The complimentary app is available to anyone, whether you’re a member of a Life Time club or not.

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