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There’s nothing quite like the energy you feel when stepping into a group fitness studio and pushing yourself through a workout while surrounded by others doing the same. However, due to time restraints, inclement weather, schedules, or other obstacles, attending a fitness class in-person isn’t always possible.

Enter the magic — and convenience! — of live streaming, which brings in-class experiences to you, wherever you happen to be. You can participate in your favorite formats in real-time with instruction from top performers.

Whether you’re a class fanatic or you mix them in to add variety to your regimen, there’s a place for live-streaming classes in all fitness routines. We asked Jessica Feldman, a certified group fitness instructor and the group fitness marketing manager at Life Time, to share her top reasons for making them a part of an exercise plan. She also shares her top tips for taking live-streamed classes.

1. Variety, variety, variety. Life Time offers hundreds of live-streaming classes per week spanning from early in the morning to sundown in the evening. “With so many options at all hours of the day, you now have an even greater opportunity to find a workout that fits your schedule and your mood,” says Feldman. “Whether it’s a mindfulness practice one day or a heart-pumping sweat session another, you’re covered.”

2. Our best performers + our best classes = your best workout. No longer are you limited to what’s available at your home club or by reservation. “There are no class maximums for live streaming so you can join any class you’d like, while you also have access to classes taught by more than 400 of our top performers from all across the country,” says Feldman.

3. Signature formats you can’t get anywhere else. “Between our studio, cycle, and yoga boutiques, we have more than 20 signature formats unique to Life Time for you to choose from,” says Feldman. “Each format is thoughtfully designed to deliver an effective workout, while the variety of offerings can keep your routine feeling fun and challenging.”

4. Come for the workout, stay for the party. “Our highly trained performers make it their No. 1 goal to not only provide a safe and efficient workout, but also one that’s energetic and entertaining,” says Feldman. Classes can be streamed directly onto your phone, tablet, or computer, or cast to your TV for a more all-encompassing experience.

Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

To make the most of your live-streaming experience, Feldman suggests the following:

  • Plan your workouts. If it’s in your calendar, you won’t miss it. You can browse class schedules based on your time zone and add classes directly to your calendar. The calendar event will include a direct link to the live stream; don’t forget to set an alarm to alert you when class is about to start.
  • Navigate the schedule. If you’re more of a spur-of-the-moment person than a planner, you can easily identify the classes on the schedule that are live streaming by looking for the icon that shows a screen with a play button inside it. When you select the class, you’ll see you can “join” it. This link is available to click starting 10 minutes prior to class.
  • Jump in with ease. You can join a class that’s already in progress without worrying about being late. You’ll just begin wherever class is at — you can’t start it over from the beginning — so it’s helpful to quickly read the class description first so you can gather any equipment you might need and then hop in.
  • Find your match. There are filters available to help you discover which classes best fit your workout tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for guidance on a place to start, check out this article to explore which group fitness class is right for you, or try this variety-filled full-body group fitness workout plan.
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Molly Kopischke

Molly Kopischke is the director of content strategy at Life Time.

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