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Three people lifting dumbbells while in a squat during a group fitness class.

We all have certain things we do before going into a workout. Perhaps it’s making sure we’re wearing comfortable gear and the tech to track our efforts. Maybe it’s filling our water bottle or adding the latest pump-up jam to our playlist.

But have you ever wondered what performers do when they’re getting ready to teach their one, two, three, or more classes for the day?

We asked seven of our Life Time livestream performers to give us an inside look at the preparations they take to not only be ready to go through the workout themselves, but to also lead it for hundreds of participants, ensuring each one ends it feeling entertained, motivated, connected — and like they just got a great work out. Here’s what they had to say.

Meet the Performers:

  • Rob Glick (@robglick1) is based out of Life Time in San Clemente, Calif. He teaches FLOW and SOL yoga; EDG, EDG Sculpt, and EDG Flex cycle; Gluteus Maxout; and Shred.
  • Nastassia Smith (@martinastas) is based out of Life Time in Chanhassen, Minn. She teaches Xtreme, The Mixx, and EDG and EDG Flex cycle.
  • Jeimy Bueno Prisby (@jeimy.bueno) is based out of Life Time Westchester in Harrison, N.Y. She teaches Zumba and EDG and AMP cycle.
  • Meggan Berg (@megganberg) is based out of Life Time Champions in Houston, Texas. She teaches FLOW yoga.
  • Christine Chapman (@chris­_chapman5) is based out of Life Time in Edina, Minn. She teaches AMP cycle, Strike, Shred, Core, Kettlebell Kombine, Gluteus Maxout, Upper RX, and LifeBarre.
  • Ambur Whipple (@walkyourwaygirl) is based out of Life Time in San Clemente, Calif. She teaches Kettlebell Kombine, Kettlebell Knockout, Gluteus Maxout, Shred, Cardio + Resistance, and Bodyweight HIIT.
  • Adrian Gamez (@512adrian) is based out of Life Time in Cypress, Texas. He teaches Xtreme, Strike, AMP and AMP Flex cycle, Ringside, Cardio Kickboxing, FIT, Shred, Core, and Strictly Strength.

They start their pre-class rituals.

“Before my yoga classes, I like to take a few minutes of quiet time. If I’m getting ready to go into a strength or EDG class, I review my playlist while visualizing the class plan.” — Rob Glick

“My entire class is planned from start to finish to ensure what I’m teaching is well thought out. I plan my music to drive the energy of the class and listen to that music on my drive in. I write down inspirational phases that spoke to me that day in hopes I can encourage someone in my class who needs a positive lift. I arrive with plenty of time to ensure the vibe of the room is set. I’ve done my makeup so it won’t move when I sweat, my hair is in a bun with no flyways, and I’ve got my Life Time apparel on. I drink my Life Time pre-workout and it’s lights, camera, action!” — Nastassia Smith

“I spend time meditating, getting well hydrated, and practicing my class plan along to the music.” — Meggan Berg

“My preparation involves making sure my music, outfit, and energy are all right. The minutes before class I’m checking my music, setting the stage in the studio, and welcoming members.” — Jeimy Bueno Prisby

“I take a few minutes to glance at my notes and make any changes, as well as to read through the thoughts I’ve prepared for the day to weave in throughout my class. I make sure the studio space is set and my music mix is ready to go — the beat drives the movement!” — Ambur Whipple

“I make sure my hair, makeup, outfit, playlist, and choreography are on point. I feel like if I don’t overthink the rest then my true self is able to come out.” — Christine Chapman

“I make sure my music is high energy and motivating so that I’ll not only be delivering a challenging workout, but that the music is set to bring that extra bang, so members feel the adrenaline rush. I also take time to see where there are places I can sing or rap my workout cues to give a different experience to our members. I then do a last look in the mirror to make sure I’m camera ready, looking clean, crisp, and sharp.” — Adrian Gamez

They get in the right headspace.

“Knowing there are real people on the other side of the screen needing the same feeling that they would get in person is all the motivation I need.” — Christine Chapman

“I say a prayer to provide me with the energy, strength, and right words to inspire those attending my class.” — Nastassia Smith

“Hydration helps, and I always try to ensure I sleep well the night before. Connecting with our community also helps to get me energized.” — Meggan Berg

“For me, it’s about amazing music — always.” — Jeimy Bueno Prisby

“I put myself in the member’s shoes. They came to sweat and be entertained, so I want to make sure my class is friendly and inviting and leaves them feeling confident and motivated.” — Adrian Gamez

“I listen to my playlist as I drive to the club. Honestly, when I see members joining the class, it energizes me immediately. They’ve chosen to be there and work out with me. It’s a humbling responsibility.” — Ambur Whipple

They warm up their bodies.

“I practice my class before teaching it. This allows me to feel what I planned and see if I need to make any changes if something doesn’t make sense in my body.” — Meggan Berg

“I do most of the workout with them. It’s more critical to demonstrate all the moves when you can’t see the participants.” — Christine Chapman

“I prepare a full warm-up for every class and do it with the members. I want to make sure they, and I, are ready for the sweat fest that’s about to happen!” — Ambur Whipple

“I do 100 push-ups and 100 jumping jacks to get the nerves out. It really helps me boost up my body and clear my mind.” — Adrian Gamez

“The warm-up built into class serves as the perfect warm-up for me.” — Rob Glick and Jeimy Bueno Prisby

“I usually get my warm-up in as I prep the room. I do a little running in place and practice a new move that I’m about to try that day.” — Nastassia Smith

They get ready to connect.

“I send out my energy and love so I can create a connection with the community that goes beyond the screen.” — Jeimy Bueno Prisby

“The No.1 thing for me is making sure I feel confident with the class content and prepared to the point where I can let go and be ready to connect with members. To do that, I always spend time laying out the class, preparing the playlist, and practicing.” — Rob Glick

“Having the opportunity to connect with people beyond the four walls of a studio is the best. I make a point to connect to our virtual community through social media and invite somebody new to class each week.” — Meggan Berg

“It’s so cool to reach people that would never otherwise be able to take your class if it wasn’t for livestream. The best way to connect is to converse with the class like they are right there in front of you.” — Christine Chapman

“I know that no matter where we all are, we are connected. I’ve made friends from all over from livestreaming. It’s also helped unite performers together.” — Ambur Whipple

“My favorite thing about teaching livestream is being able to connect with members from all over the country,” says Gamez. “I love to share my love, energy, and passion for what I do, and bring smiles to our members’ faces.”

Molly Schelper
Molly Schelper

Molly Schelper is the director of content strategy at Life Time.

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