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1. Fitness classes. Life Time offers a wide range of classes each week led by expert instructors. You can try anything and do everything, including yoga, indoor cycle, and studio classes, such as barre, boxing, and HIIT workouts. Check out the full list of classes here or read this article to narrow down the classes that are right for you. For times when you can’t make it to the club, our classes are also available to you on demand.

2. Introductory classes. If you’re curious about the powerful community and accountability that come with paid programs such as Pilates or Group Training, you can try each of them at no cost. Schedule an introductory, 30-minute Discover Pilates session at the Personal Training Desk or sign up for a free week of GTX or Alpha Group Training.

3. Consultations at LifeSpa and LifeClinic. If your club has a LifeSpa, you can enjoy personalized consultations with LifeSpa artists about any first-time hair, skin, nails, or massage service. Use the consultation to learn about offerings such as hair extensions or a transformative skin service like HydraFacial® before scheduling your appointment.

A LifeClinic chiropractor or physical therapist can help you feel better, relieve pain, or improve your performance. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn what treatments could benefit your unique body and concerns.

4. Child care. Receive up to 2.5 hours of complimentary kids’ playtime at the Child Center while you enjoy any LifeSpa or LifeClinic service. Simply check in with your child at the Life Time front desk, and let the team member there know you have an appointment. If you have a Junior Membership associated with your Life Time membership, you can also receive 2.5 hours of child care every day while you work out or enjoy the club. (Child Center hours vary by club and location.)

5. Virtual training plans. Get the expertise of our world-class trainers at your fingertips. These specialty programs offer a variety of proven strategies that guide you toward a specific goal. Training plans provide daily workout guidance and access to a real coach, plus ongoing lifestyle tips to optimize your workouts and get results. You can find more details on the programs or in the Life Time Member App.

6. Parents Night Out events. No need to book a babysitter on date night. If you have a Junior included on your membership, you can spend one evening out each month while the kids play at Life Time. Simply register for a Parents Night Out event (up to 12 per year), and your child will receive three to four hours of entertainment and dinner while you’re off duty. View a list of Parents Night Out events here. (Hours, activities and ages vary by club and location.)

7. Guest passes. Each membership receives at least two monthly guest passes. These guest passes reset at the beginning of each month, so invite your friends and family to join you at Life Time before they’re gone. You can check the status of your guest passes online or find them anytime on your Life Time Member App home screen. Want to start using them? Read these guest pass rules ahead of time.

8. Open gym, swim, and court times. If you prefer to get your workout while playing a pickup game in the gym, swimming laps in the pool, or hitting balls on the court, look under “Facilities” on your club schedule. Life Time has open pool and gym times available, court reservations for squash and outdoor tennis, and, in select clubs, pickleball open-play gym hours. (Indoor tennis courts are also available for a fee.)

9. Equipment orientation and onboarding session with a personal trainer. Every Life Time member receives a complimentary onboarding session with an expert personal trainer to learn about building a fitness routine, choosing nutrition supplements, and using the specialized equipment on the fitness floor. Have you had your onboarding session? Talk to any personal trainer or visit the Personal Training Desk to schedule a session.

These are just some of the benefits included in your Life Time membership. View more of the benefits and amenities included in your membership here. If you’re curious about Life Time’s efforts to keep our members and spaces safe during this time, you can learn more about that here.

Lindsey Frey Palmquist
Lindsey Frey Palmquist

Lindsey Frey Palmquist is a senior copywriter at Life Time.

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