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The My Profile screen of the Life Time app showing the button to use to invite a guest next to two women in workout wear.

There is no place quite like Life Time . . . As a team member, I am admittedly a bit biased about our athletic country clubs, but I know this sentiment is also often echoed by our members. Where else can you break a sweat in group fitness class, release tension with a massage, swim laps in the pool, play a game of pickleball, and refuel with a healthy meal? Where else can you still find even more things to do and more spaces to explore the next time you’re there?

One perk of my club membership I value is being able to show off this place and all its amenities and offerings to my friends and family. It’s fun to introduce them to my favorite instructors and share how I spend time prioritizing my health.

In an effort to simplify the guest experience, Life Time has recently made some changes to its guest policy — including how many guests you can invite to join you.

“As members of Life Time, we all know how amazing our athletic country club experience is, and being able to share that with friends and family is something we get really excited about,” says Kevin Wisnew, associate director of digital strategy at Life Time. “We know that exercising can be more fun and engaging when you get to do it with somebody else.”

Wisnew shares what you need to know about the new guest policy at Life Time.

Life Time | How can I invite a guest to come to the club with me?

Kevin Wisnew | We’re striving to make the experience as easy as possible for both the member and the guest. Members can now invite a friend or family member through the Life Time app via a user-friendly link found in the “My Profile” section of the app. When the guest receives the invite, they can easily create an account, download the Life Time app, and accept their invite. When visiting the club, your guest will check in with a guest pass QR code found in their Life Time app (much like your membership card in the app today). As a plus, they will also now have access to features of the Life Time app.

Guests will need to show a valid photo ID when entering the club — otherwise no paperwork is required. They’ll provide all the information that’s needed ahead of time through the app, so checking in is as easy as it is for a member.

LT | How many guests passes do members get now?

KW |  We have removed the two-pass-per-month limit. Now, members are able to bring in guests throughout the month to experience the offerings at Life Time. Keep in mind that the same guest can only visit the club once every 60 days.

LT | Do I need to be present when my guest enters the club?

KW | Yes, we ask that the member and their guest arrive at the club together. This way you can show off your club from the minute they walk through the doors. However, you are welcome to meet your friend inside the club if that’s more convenient.

LT | Can my guest and I visit any Life Time location?

KW | You and your guest are welcome to visit any Life Time athletic country club that you have access to based on your membership type.

LT | Can a guest use the Kids Academy for their kids?

KW | Yes. An adult guest coming into the club is welcome to bring their kids and their immediate family with them without any additional guest passes. They are also welcome to use the complimentary child care at the Kids Academy; most clubs typically offer 2 hours of child care, but that can vary by club.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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