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Often when people think about what they can do at Life Time, what first comes to mind is exercise. But a visit to Life Time can be so much more than a workout: Every inch of space at each club is designed with your overall well-being in mind.

“Life Time is more than just a job or a place to exercise for me,” says Kemma Cunningham, 5-star elite group fitness performer and class experience lead at Life Time in Bridgewater, N.J. “It’s my home away from home. I can take advantage of all the wonderful amenities to ensure that I’m living a healthy way of life.” To inspire you to design your perfect visit to Life Time, we asked Cunningham and two fellow Life Time team members to walk us through their ideal day at the club.

Kemma Cunningham

5-Star Elite Performer, Personal Trainer, and National Digital Coach at Life Time in Bridgewater, N.J.

coach kemma flexing her arm

Favorite workout: I teach upward of 10 classes every week, so whenever I can steal a moment to attend a class myself, my favorite is SURRENDER yoga. Taking that time just for me is so imperative to my health. It helps me stretch and recover after moving my body so much, and it also fills my cup up so I can then help others.

Favorite LifeSpa service or recovery amenity: I love getting a facial at the LifeSpa. I also use the percussive massage devices available in the recovery area of the club.

Favorite order from LifeCafe: My go-to order is the LT Bowl or the avocado toast with tomato and feta cheese on top.

Favorite place to relax: The steam room is my favorite place to recover after a tough workout. I also love to lounge by the pool during the summer months.

Favorite person to bring to the club: I love when my teen daughter comes to take my classes. I also like helping her try new workouts on our fitness floor.

Bryce Morris, MS, CPT

Dynamic Personal Trainer at Life Time in Frisco, Texas

Bryce Morris, Life Time Dynamic Personal Trainer

Favorite workout: When I get a chance to take a class, Alpha is my go-to for focusing on strength training.

Favorite LifeSpa service or recovery amenity: A massage at the LifeSpa feels amazing on sore muscles. I also love to visit the LifeClinic for a chiropractic adjustment.

Favorite LifeCafe order: I find myself ordering the Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie time and time again. It’s refreshing and helps me reach my protein goal for the day.

Favorite sport to play: Pickleball has taken off at our club and I love to make time to jump in and play.

Favorite person to bring to the club: Everyone in my family is an avid user of the club, including my mom, my kids, and my cousins. Life Time is 100 percent part of my healthy way of life.

Emma Graves

Master Trainer and Dynamic Personal Trainer at Life Time in Chicago, Ill

Emma Graves

Favorite workout: My perfect day at the club would begin by taking an early morning AMP Cycle class with my best friends. The music, the lights, and the positive energy are the absolute best way to start the day.

Favorite LifeCafe order: After cycling, we’d head up to the LifeCafe for a Mocha Madness shake with peanut butter and a breakfast croissant.

Favorite recovery amenity: I’d spend some time after exercising and refueling in the steam room, cold plunge, and sauna. Having some time by myself to relax provides mental clarity and peace and helps me be my best self for the rest of the day.

Favorite person to bring to the club: I’d love to end my perfect visit with a SURRENDER yoga class with my partner, Will. Since I specialize in strength and cardio workouts, yoga classes are a perfect complement to the high-intensity workouts I do.

Emily Ewen

Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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