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Recipes - Beverages

Strawberry daiquiri protein shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Fans of this tropical beverage with love this version that features enough fiber to keep you full and satisfied.
Strawberry cream shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Try this simple, antioxidant-filled shake with a delicious strawberry cream taste.
Salted nut shake
By The Life Time Training Team
This shake is built with healthy fats to keep you full and a flavor profile to keep you satisfied.
Superfood shake
By The Life Time Training Team
This shake gets a superfood boost from chia seeds and the antioxidants found in mixed berries.
Almond joy shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Craving something sweet? This shake tastes like a candy bar but without the added sugar.
Lemon Thyme Spritzer
By Robin Asbell
Looking for a signature party drink? Make your own lemon-thyme syrup and pair with mineral water and either vodka or Chardonnay.
spiced nog mocktail
By Betsy Nelson
We use nondairy milk — try hempseed, almond, or cashew milk — in our spicy nog mocktail.
mulled cider hibiscus mocktail
By Betsy Nelson
If you want to spike this winter mocktail, substitute red wine for half of the apple cider or pour a little brandy into individual servings.
Dirty Chai Macs Drink with a spoon on the top of the glass
By Betsy Nelson
Try energy-boosting maca in your dirty chai instead of espresso.
Winter Sangria Mocktail
By Betsy Nelson
Prepare this wine-free recipe the night before serving so the fruit flavors can meld.
cozy tea toddy mocktail with cinnamon sticks
By Betsy Nelson
We use a spice-infused tea — not whiskey — as the base for this winter mocktail.
Maca Mint Cocoa
By Betsy Nelson
Use regular or dairy-free milk in this minty cup of cocoa.
Banana chocolate crunch shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Try this chocolate-flavored shake the next time a craving for something sweet hits.
Turmeric ginger shake
By The Life Time Training Team
Not only are turmeric and ginger two incredible superfoods, but they also taste great together in this shake.
AvoKeto shake
By The Life Time Training Team
High in fiber and protein, low in carbs, and dairy-free, this shake is built with ingredients to keep you feeling full.
Mug of golden turmeric milk.
By Lisa Markley and Jill Grunewald
This anti-inflammatory tonic is made with dairy-free milk, several warming spices, and a dash of honey or maple syrup.
a glass filled with a green smoothie and a bowl of spinach
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Want an easy way to sneak more veggies into your kid's diet? They'll never taste them in this green smoothie.
a water bottle filled with lemons, limes, ginger, cucumbers and greens
By Robyn Youkilis
This flavored water combines natural diuretics and detoxifying ingredients in one delicious glass, providing a great way to beat the bloat.
a jar of strawberry mint limeade
By The Life Time Foundation Team
Stay hydrated with this flavor-infused water.
protein smoothie
By Mark Hyman, MD
This portable, 100 percent whole foods smoothie from Dr. Mark Hyman can power the busiest of days. It’s packed with plenty of plant proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and potent phytonutrients.
By Betsy Nelson
Make a refreshing cleansing juice with celery, lemon, romaine lettuce, and watercress or another spring green. Add a green apple or a pear for sweetness if you like.
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