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Experience Life Special Issue:

Clear the Clutter From Your
Body, Mind, and More

In this spring’s digital-only collection, we’re delving into all things detox and decluttering so you can move through the season with a sense of lightness, ease, and room to breathe.


In Every Issue

a person holds a handful of nuts

ONE HEALTHY HABIT: Cut Your Sugar Consumption

By Experience Life Staff

This month’s challenge offers strategies to curb sugar cravings.

Rebecca Walcott

How Rebecca Walcott Discovered Wellness Through D.TOX

By Rebecca Walcott

When her energy flagged, one woman learned how to fuel her body more efficiently by participating in a detox program.

Real Fitness

a woman holds a squat

A Nasal Breathing Strength-and-Conditioning Workout

By Lauren Bedosky

Learn how to harness the power of nasal diaphragmatic breathing with this body-weight strength-and-conditioning flow.

a woman running

Enhance Your Running Performance With Nasal Breathing

By Lauren Bedosky

Nasal breathing is an efficient way to circulate oxygen through your body during a run. Master the technique with these three expert tips.

a table with a sand timer and utensils

6 Tips to Work Out While Fasting

By Nicole Radziszewski

Here’s how to stay strong and energized while refraining from food and drink.

can botox help your traps?

What Treating a Migraine With Botox Means for Upper-Body Strength

By Jessica Migala

Can Botox treatments for migraine headaches cause weakness in trapezius muscles? We ask the experts.

Real Food

Real Life

a push pin in a calendar

How to Declutter Your Calendar

By Karen Olson

If your busy schedule is spreading you too thin, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities.

what is Swedish death cleaning?

The Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

By Jon Spayde

This life-affirming practice can start at any adult age — and help your possessions live on in a meaningful, thoughtful way.

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