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By Nicole Radziszewski
How to rebuild lost muscle mass after illness.
Three bottles of oregano oil next to a bunch of fresh oregano
By Jon Spayde
What are the health benefits of oregano oil? This essential oil has antibiotic properties, but it's potent so use cautiously.
foam rolling
By Heidi Wachter
Foam rolling your upper body muscles can be tricky. Our expert's guidance and foam-roller exercises will help you make the right moves and target back pain.
man doing a sit-up
By Jon Spayde
It all depends on how you do them.
mom and kid looking at a baby
By Jon Spayde
The key is advance planning — and letting go of expectations.
glasses on a stack of books
By Jon Spayde
Only if you don't get the magnification you truly need, says our expert.
A cup of tea with lemon, a huge knob of ginger, honey, and herbs are pictured.
By Jon Spayde
The key, says one expert, is to prepare beforehand.
suitcase with weights and tennis shoes
By Jon Spayde
Our fitness editor offers ways to get moving on a plane, train, or bus.
partners holding hands at dinner
By Jon Spayde
The author of Steven Petrow's Complete Gay and Lesbian Manners offers several practical tips to ensure a positive experience.
Three yoga mats rolled up
By Jon Spayde
There are many great strength-training exercises that don't require any gripping.
Stink out of gym clothes
By Jon Spayde
Here are four DIY tips to get odor out of your workout clothes.
Eating at someone's house when you have food restrictions
By Jon Spayde
An etiquette consultant offers four tips to make it easy for everyone.
Fatigued When Sleeping In
By Jon Spayde
It all depends on which stage of sleep you wake up in, says a sleep expert.
By Jon Spayde
Pickle juice is just one tip.
By Jon Spayde
The key, say experts, is to adapt your communication in these five ways.
How to protect yourself from the sun
By Jon Spayde
Mineral-based sunscreens are the way to go, say experts, but the key is frequent application.
By Jon Spayde
Lyme disease is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the U.S. Here are some tips to prevent tick-borne illnesses.
Communication with Massage Therapist
By Jon Spayde
A veteran massage therapist offers some tips on communication.
Different travel styles
By Jon Spayde
In any relationship, says a couples' mediator, it's important to celebrate differences and find common ground.
Youngest Child Moved Out
By Jon Spayde
Your youngest child just moved out and you feel lost. Here's how to transition.
Whey Protein
By Jon Spayde
Maybe. To be on the safe side, experts recommend choosing pea, hemp, or other plant-based protein supplements.
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