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eggs in an egg cooker

9 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Worth the Hype

By Kaelyn Riley

We’re living in the golden age of kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Consider adding one of these to your repertoire or gifting one to the cook in your life.

protein shake on counter

3 Ways to Use Our Sea Salt Caramel Protein Powder

By Samantha McKinney, RD, CPT

Shakes and protein balls that offer satiation with an indulgent taste.

a variety of ground vs. dried spices

When Should I Use Whole Spices Versus Ground Spices?

By Camille Berry

There is quite a difference between whole spices and ground spices — and it can bring your cooking to a whole new level when used correctly.

Foundation image three photos in one, boy eating, girl being silly, and girl holding fruit

Happier, Healthier Kids: Q&A With the Life Time Foundation

By Callie Fredrickson

Learn how the Life Time Foundation’s youth nutrition and movement programs help accelerate change for kids in communities across the country.

curry leaves

What Is Curry Leaf and How Do I Use It?

By Camille Berry

Curry leaves are a fresh herb picked from curry trees and are used differently from curry powder. Learn more about this often overlooked herb.

sheet pan breakfast

5 Simple Sheet-Pan Breakfasts

By Robin Asbell

These one-pan recipes make quick and easy breakfasts and are perfect for feeding a crowd.

fennel pollen

What Is Fennel Pollen and How Do I Use it?

By Camille Berry

Also known as “the spice of angels,” this herb is the perfect complement to sweet or savory dishes.

amchur powder

What Is Amchur and How Do I Use It?

By Camille Berry

Amchur (or amchoor) powder is an Indian spice derived from sun-dried unripe green mangoes. Here are several ways to try this tart and tangy spice.

a mug with a steaming beverage sits in front of a snowy window

8 Cozy Winter Drinks

By Experience Life Staff

The days are short and cool, but these beverages will be sure to warm you up.

a variety of herb and spices

8 Herbs and Spices to Cook With More

By Camille Berry

Don’t get stuck in a flavor rut! Try these eight herbs and spices to broaden your culinary horizons.

a bowl of soup with veggies

5 Cozy Soup Recipes

By Kaelyn Riley

Make easy, comforting, delicious meals with a few of our favorite soup recipes, including pear-parsnip soup and lentil soup with delicata squash.

a variety of dishes filled with fall foods

13 Gluten-Free Fall Dinner Recipes

By Experience Life Staff

Satisfy your urge to cozy up with these healthy, seasonal recipes.

a variety of healthy, coffee shop alternative drinks

6 Fall-Inspired Coffee-Shop Recipes

By Maddie Augustin

Cozy up with a healthier, dairy-free spin on your favorite seasonal coffee-shop recipes.

plates containing hearty fall salads

5 Hearty Fall Salads

By Robin Asbell

These recipes build on seasonal produce to create meal-worthy salads you’ll look forward to eating.

a pile of apples in a kitchen

19 Healthy and Creative Apple Recipes

By Experience Life Staff

It’s apple season! Whether you’re blessed with an overly abundant apple tree or simply want to get creative with the last apple in your kitchen, you’ll discover new ways to enjoy this fall favorite.

gluten free bread

Try Our Favorite Gluten-Free Breads and Wraps

By Experience Life Staff

Making a sandwich? Sub in these gluten-free breads and wraps — they truly satisfy.

Turkey Pumpkin Chili

11 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

By Experience Life Staff

From a vegan pumpkin-spice latte to a cozy Moroccan-inspired pumpkin soup, these gluten-free recipes are perfect for the fall.

bowls of yogurt topped with spices and fruit

How to Buy and Use Yogurt

By Michael Dregni

Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or used as a building block for other recipes, this fermented milk product is an all-star in the kitchen.

plant foods that are high in protein

How to Get Enough Protein From a Plant-Based Diet

By Catherine Guthrie

Plant-based foods can easily meet your protein needs. The key is diversity.

a variety of adaptogenic recipes to try

4 Adaptogenic Recipes to Try

By Maddie Augustin

Adaptogens can help relieve stress, support your immune system, and even aid your workouts. Try these recipes to get more of these healing herbs in your diet.

recipes to upgrade your sandwich. a chickpea salad wrap.

Plant-Forward Sandwich Recipes

By Robin Asbell

Put a healthy spin on your favorite lunchtime classics with these vegetarian sandwiches.

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