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woman working with personal trainer
By Tal Ben-Shahar
When you retire your perfectionist tendencies, you can start living a richer, happier life. Here’s how to get started.
soccer players
By Karen Bannan
Weary of your workouts? Ditch the drudgery and the long face, friend! You’re due for an amusement infusion.
Three adult women dancing in living room
By Heidi Losleben with reporting by Erin Peterson
We leave many things behind as we mature. Our sense of play shouldn’t be one of them.
people laughing in conference room
By Michael Gelb
Enjoying humor and engaging in laughter have serious—and positive—consequences for our health, happiness and chances for success. Here’s the lowdown on laughter and how you can trigger its practical benefits in your own life.
woman lazing on couch
By Dimity McDowell
Most of us struggle at some point to overcome a stubborn resistance to exercising. Here are some tips for getting — and keeping — your body in motion, even when you don’t feel like it.
Couple opening a card
By Erin Peterson
Conscious gift giving can bring you more joy this holiday season.
tips to be happy
By Joseph Hart
When it comes to the quest for greater happiness, waiting and hoping are out. Learning and practicing are in.  Here’s how to create your own happy reality — starting now.
Get Creative
By Jon Spayde
Expressing your creativity is an important part of living, growing and becoming your best self. Here’s why creativity matters — and how to bring more of it back into your everyday world.
By Courtney Martin
Overcoming barriers to self-care can be difficult, especially for women. Here are some tips to make time and space for ourselves.
By Patrick Downes
Whether you're at home or the office, whether you have five minutes or 20, you can meditate. Really. Here's a beginner's guide.
Two women hugging
By Anjula Razdan
“Fight or flight” may be seen as the traditional choice when faced with stress, but your real response may depend on your gender.
oct07 cover model
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
For supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, the real beauty in life comes from seeking adventure, embracing new challenges and making healthy balance a lifelong priority.
By Experience Life Staff
Meet three people who transformed their bodies and their lives when they found a true passion for fitness.
By Leyla Kokmen
For centuries, proponents of meditation have hailed its potential for healing body and mind. Now, science is backing a growing number of those claims.
By Clara Beacon
Brother, can you spare 10 minutes?
By Cat Thompson
If you’ve been exhausted and bouncing a lot of energetic checks lately, the following tips may help you rebalance your bottom line.
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