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We all experience happy moments. They lift us up, open our hearts and expand our energy. Maintaining this elevated state of being, well, that takes a little practice.

Research suggests that happy feelings last for about five minutes before they start to fade. The good news is that when we appreciate, share and relive our happy moments, we can extend the life of our positive emotions. Yes, happiness lies within the domain of personal power.

By intentionally choosing to direct your mind toward all that’s good in your life, your thoughts become positively charged. Positive thoughts and emotions reinforce and catalyze each other. They literally spiral up every state of your being–boosting your creativity, helping you cope with adversity and inspiring more solutions.

Savor Positivity

Make it a habit to recognize, appreciate and savor all of your positive moments. Here are three practices you can use to boost your happiness and keep things feeling fresh.

Pick one to put into action this week and enjoy basking in the glow.

  1. Keep a daily log. Write about your positive experiences every day. The act of writing anchors the memory in your brain and lifts your mood. This practice also helps to strengthen your health, optimism and well-being.
  2. Share your highlights. Make it a ritual to recount the day’s highlights at dinner. Sharing your positive experiences is one of the simplest ways to multiply your happiness. You’ll also develop closer and more nourishing relationships.
  1. Take a picture–it lasts longer. Snap a shot of what you enjoy and appreciate. Build a highlights folder in your digital library and use your images to create a collage, slideshow or iMovie. Then share it with others for the multiplier effect.

Here’s a short cut from my latest highlights reel. I must say, seeing the faces of the people I love and reliving our experiences always makes me feel happy and grateful.

Get good at living!

Maryanne O'Brien

Marianne O’Brien is the author of The Elevated Communicator: How to Master Your Style and Strengthen Well-Being at Work. Visit her online at

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