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Two women hugging
By Anjula Razdan
“Fight or flight” may be seen as the traditional choice when faced with stress, but your real response may depend on your gender.
oct07 cover model
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
For supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, the real beauty in life comes from seeking adventure, embracing new challenges and making healthy balance a lifelong priority.
a woman in front of a chalk board with strong arms flexing behind her
By the Experience Life Team
When we stop focusing on our weaknesses and start playing to our strengths we can transform our lives.
By Experience Life Staff
Meet three people who transformed their bodies and their lives when they found a true passion for fitness.
a man working on his computer with his young son on his back
By Kelly Grace
Most of us know we work too much and rest too little. We long for balance. But with the pressures and pace of modern life always at our back, how do we step off this crazy merry-go-round? Here, we outline the top three barriers to achieving work-life balance — and offer practical wisdom for overcoming them.
Cyclist couple riding bikes in a park
By Pilar Gerasimo
From the biological basis for attraction to the underpinnings of head-turning good looks — an exploration into the compelling connections between vitality and sex appeal.
By the Experience Life Team
Before you rush into setting health and fitness goals for the year ahead, stop and appreciate what you've already accomplished.
a woman holds hands in prayer position with the sunsetting behind her
By Karen Olson
Boost your health, hope and happiness with a powerful dose of gratitude.
woman smiling while driving
By Eliza Thomas
Does getting behind the wheel make you anxious or angry? Embark on the road to relaxation with these commute-improving tips.
By Leyla Kokmen
For centuries, proponents of meditation have hailed its potential for healing body and mind. Now, science is backing a growing number of those claims.
By Teri Cettina
The workday is done. You're heading for home – and into an adjustment period that can either make or break the rest of your day.
By Helen Cordes
Are you being held hostage by your negative thoughts? Byron Katie and "The Work" will help you discover how to negotiate a truce.
By Clara Beacon
Brother, can you spare 10 minutes?
By Cat Thompson
If you’ve been exhausted and bouncing a lot of energetic checks lately, the following tips may help you rebalance your bottom line.
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