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Sometimes in this great wide world, it is hard to keep alive in our minds our connection to spirit. So mired are we in the chaos, the demands, and desires that lay claim to the bulk of our fixative thoughts, that our divinity, yes, our own true sacredness, appears lost.

Let me be one more supportive soul to tell you (and me) that no matter how far away or blunted our lives feel from the emanation and presence of a deeper consciousness and energy, spirit is always at work and play within us. What is blunted is not at all its holy presence, but our trust that it is still or ever there, especially when things feel icky, horrible, stressful beyond imagination, or just so busy we can’t get a breath in edgewise.

This has never felt more extreme than when I was intensely sick in 2007 and 2008. It seems strange now to be writing this, but day after day for those entire two years I felt such a blanket of burden from what my body was going through, and such a profound soul loneliness, that my will to live was basically gone. What’s also uncanny about my illness was that I inaccurately thought that I was being punished, that there must be no divinity at all, when in fact, spirit was doing everything it could, using all its glorious power to get me to actually wake up, pay attention, and to finally heal and transform my life.

Guess what? I eventually, blessedly did.

One great exercise to practice cultivating your connection to spirit can happen before you get out bed in the mornings. This is actually a prime time to connect with your divinity, when you are still not yet fully consumed by the small, limiting, ego-driven mind that embroils us in suffering so much of the time.

How To Connect with Your Spirit

1. Stay horizontal, and with your eyes closed, experience yourself breathing in bed. Feel the calming and elemental nature of the rise and fall of your breath. Either out loud or within yourself, send out a soft hello. Literally send out a greeting to the essence of spirit in and around you.

2. Acknowledge—and this has nothing to do with whether you are single or not—that you are not (and in fact) never alone. Appreciate that you can always live supported by, and if you allow yourself to be, guided by the presence of spirit in everything you do.

3. Reinforce your commitment to living as fulfilled and as authentically as you can, without trying to control the journey. In understanding that it is often best to give up the reins, and in putting your trust in something bigger than you, the space is cleared for a much stronger, more outright emergence of spirit.

4. Thank yourself and the spirit within you for the precious time you have initiated at the start of your day. Open your eyes and begin to really wake up, more conscious, more secure, more at ease than is typically the case. Repeat the next morning.

I know there are some mornings where it feels close to impossible to give yourself an extra split second, between alarms going off, kids needing attending to, better yet, sick kids needing attention, and all the strains of what might have happened the night before adding to your urgency about what hasn’t yet gotten done.

But try, just try to give yourself this sweet little sliver a few times a week, and then, perhaps this pattern will stick. Perhaps it will become the norm, where this quiet, simple connection to the divine marks the beginning of a long, deep, slow, and beautifully unfolding interior relationship.

In sweetness and spirit,


Maggie Lyon is a writer on wellness and spirituality, a motivational speaker, and a holistic lifestyle consultant. 

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