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a man performs an alternating chest press

Split Training: An Upper-Body and Lower-Body Strength Workout

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Hone your strength — and optimize your recovery — by splitting your workouts into upper-body and lower-body training days. These two workouts show you how.

a woman holds forearm plank

Fit + Focused

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Break through your fitness plateau and build upper-body strength with this tempo-based workout.

a woman using a mini trampoline

How to Use a Mini-Trampoline

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Channel your inner child and amp up your cardio with this low-impact, high-powered rebounder routine.

a personal trainer works with a client

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Dynamic Personal Training

By Julie Dulude

Dynamic Personal Training can take your entire exercise experience — and your results — to new heights.

A teen boy doing a squat with dumbbells.

Getting Bigger and Stronger: A Beginner Strength-Training Workout for Teens

By Callie Fredrickson

This full-body routine offers a great entry point for the growing kids in your life to start building their confidence on the workout floor.

an ultra fit class

The Ultra Fit Challenge

By Experience Life Staff

This cutting-edge workout combines strength, cardio, and neurological training to challenge your body and brain through every stage of life.

a woman performing water aerobics

The Pool Workout

By Lauren Bedosky

This water aerobics workout offers a strength-and-cardio challenge that’s gentle on your joints.

a man running

The Murph Challenge

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

This challenging workout — 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats bookended by one-mile runs — is more popular than ever. World-record holder Alec Blenis talks about how to tailor it to your unique skill level.

Coach Mike Thomson

Get to Know Your Trainers: Meet Mike Thomson

By The Life Time Health Team

Plus, try his favorite workout designed to challenge your power, strength, and endurance.

a man performs a side lunge

The Racquet-Sport Workout

By Nancy Brenden

This off-court routine will improve your range of motion, joint stability, and overall racquet-sport performance.

A woman doing an elevated squat with one leg on a bench and one on the floor while holding a dumbbell.

A 5-Move, Lower-Body Workout for Strength

By Callie Fredrickson

Go through this base-building routine on your next lower-body day.

Tish Cangelosi

Leg Day: A 5-Move, Glute-Focused Workout

By Emily Ewen

Strengthen your glute and leg muscles with this easy-to-follow lower-body workout.

a man uses a rowing machine

The Indoor-Rowing Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

These three indoor-rowing workouts promise to propel your cardio fitness forward, no matter your level.

a man holds glute bridge

The Resilience Workout

By Andrew Heffernan

Try these five moves — half-kneeling press, suspension-trainer one-arm row, goblet squat, glute bridge, and suitcase carry — to build physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

a man used battleropes while his trainer watches

How Exercise Can Help Build Physical — and Mental — Resilience

By Andrew Heffernan

Learn how exercise can help build a body and mind that can roll with life’s punches — and come back stronger after stress.

Susan Jackson

Get Progressive: A Barbell Workout for Full-Body Strength

By Emily Ewen

Build muscle mass and work your entire body with this intermediate to advanced barbell workout that uses progressive overload to challenge your body every time you complete it.

A man and a woman in a Life Time club tossing a medicine ball back and forth.

The 8-Minute Partner Workout

By Molly Kopischke

Get your heart pumping as a pair with this three-move routine.

A man using a dual cable machine for arm exercises.

Coach Nick’s Biceps and Triceps Routine

By Nicholas Sandoval

Try this sample workout from the 6-Week Shred program to challenge and build strength in your arms.

a woman performs a hip thrust using a bench

The 8-Week Glute-and-Hamstring Workout (Video)

By Experience Life Staff

Learn the moves for this eight-week glute-and-hamstring program designed to build your strength, power, and overall resilience.

a woman perform the frog bridge

The 8-Week Glute-and-Hamstring Workout

By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Supercharge your strength, power, and overall resilience with this eight-week glute-and-hamstring program.

Coach Nick assisting a 30x30 woman with a workout.

Quick Core Workout

By Nicholas Sandoval

Try this sample workout from Life Time’s 30×30 digital training program.

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