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how to fix computer slouch
By Nicole Radziszewski
Two exercises to help undo damage of poor posture.
By Experience Life Staff
Loosen up tight wrists with these simple drills.
illio person in down dog
By Chris Ballard
Why sports writer Chris Ballard (almost) wishes he’d been injured years earlier.
Watermelon juice
By Experience Life Staff
New science supports the old notion that drinking watermelon juice eases postexercise muscle soreness.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn how to do the hip hinge, one of the most common moves of everyday life.
By Experience Life Staff
Regular physical activity has been shown to help enhance cancer recovery by rebuilding patients' immune systems after chemotherapy.
By Experience Life Staff
Looking for a dynamic warm-up you can do before any workout, game or competition? All you need is the All-Purpose Warm-Up.
By Experience Life Staff
Susan Bianchi, a Ki-Hara resistance-stretching instructor, demonstrates how to strengthen and stretch your hip flexors.
By Experience Life Staff
Working out this morning will help you sleep better tonight.
man stretching at home with waterbottle next to him
By Nicole Radziszewski
Everyday activities take a toll on our bodies, tightening our muscles and limiting our range of motion in potentially painful ways. This simple stretch routine can help undo the damage.
By Experience Life Staff
Use these strength moves to keep you hip joints strong and mobile.
doctor giving girl shot
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
A while back I had to have an IV put in but the nurse couldn’t find a vein. She started in the crook of my arm. When that failed she moved to my hand. When that failed she called in…
By Kelle Walsh
Linking breath with movement can have transformative results. Seane Corn shows you how to experience them for yourself.
Seane Corn
By Experience Life Staff
Simple moves to help you synchronize movement to breath to help you transform your yoga practice, and four conscious-breathing techniques to calm and energize the body.
Woman hitting snooze alarm
By Kristin Ohlson
New research shows that sleep significantly influences metabolism, appetite, and weight management. Could getting more shuteye help you ward off excess pounds?
By Experience Life Staff
This series of partner-assisted stretches are a perfect cool down after a partner cardio workout.
By Kelle Walsh
By making subtle adjustments to your step, orthotics can help align bones and joints for easier, pain-free performance.
By Milo Bryant
Sports chiropractic is great when you’ve got a hitch in your giddyup. But it can also improve performance, prevent injuries and support your general fitness program.
med kit
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
Bounce back more quickly between workouts with these all-natural recovery strategies.
sore neck
By Kermit Pattison
A chronic case of “computer neck” can undermine your work and your workouts. So don’t sit and suffer. Start getting the kinks out - now.
Massaging foot for plantar fasciitis relief
By Nicole Adamson
Plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory condition, can present a stubborn fitness obstacle. But with the right treatment and self-care strategy, it can be tamed.
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