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side stitch illustration
By Sarah Tuff
Cramps and side stitches can derail any workout. Here’s how to treat and prevent these painful contractions.
Graston tool
By Jenny Lui
Feeling a little stiff after surgery? Suffering from a sports injury and need to get back in the game 10 minutes ago? The Graston Technique could be just the thing to untangle your tissue.
Creak Crackle Pop Joint Health
By Kelle Walsh
What is that sound coming from your joints, and should you be concerned? Find out what’s normal, and what you might want to get checked out.
By Kara Douglass Thom
Practicing yoga can support your athletic pursuits, and even increase your longevity as an athlete.
By Matt Fitzgerald
A muscle strain, joint sprain or contusion suffered just before a competition could put you on the shelf. Here are some quick-fix options.
doctor and client
By Experience Life Staff
When the source of your pain escapes you — and your doctor — it could be psychogenic.
By Matt Fitzgerald
To deal with stubborn back pain, look to your local lumbar stabilizers for answers.
By Kara Douglass Thom
Despite intense preparation and a maximum effort, your competitive season didn't go as planned. How do you recoup and regroup?
foam rolling
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
Using foam rollers can help relieve myofascial pain and increase flexibility. Best of all? They're really easy to use.
By Matt Fitzgerald
Pain in your hips or knee joints may cause you to shy away from exercise, but there are ways to work around (or through) the condition - without sacrificing your fitness.
By Kelle Walsh
Are myofascial problems holding you back? Discover how deep-release techniques can help you work out the kinks and improve your flexibility.
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
Lower-back pain doesn't have to be devastating to your fitness routine. With the right exercise tactics, you can recover from many aches – and keep future back troubles at bay.
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
Bad posture doesn't just look bad. It can also compromise your workouts, undermine your health and contribute to injuries. Here's how to straighten up.
By Matt Fitzgerald
Muscle imbalances caused by too much sitting, typing and monitor gazing can set up chronic problems throughout the body. Are work-related imbalances throwing your body out of whack?
By Kermit Pattison
Plagued by chronic running injuries? Perhaps it's time to try ChiRunning, an intuitive style that works with your body and draws from your physical and spiritual center.
By Krista Scott-Dixon
If you're an active woman or girl, you may be at greater risk for knee injury than your male counterparts. Learn how to protect one of your body's most valuable joints.
sore neck
By Kermit Pattison
A chronic case of computer neck can undermine your work and your workouts. So don't sit and suffer. Start getting the kinks out – now.
By Kermit Pattison
You worked hard - and now you're feeling the hurt. Time to get wise about delayed onset muscle soreness.
By Jennifer Barrett
How three people conquered physical and emotional pain to regain their former fitness.
By Kathy Summers
Degenerative joint disease can cause debilitating pain, loss of mobility, and function, even severe disability. But what if you're just starting to suffer from a little wear and tear? Here's how to work with your joints — not against them.
an old fashioned alarm clock sits by fitness equipment
By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Are you going through the motions and settling for so-so results? Maybe you need a master plan - and a mesocycle.
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