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Back pain. Sore feet. Skeletal aches and muscular maladies. These issues can all be related to the poor posture we develop from spending too much time sitting at an office desk, watching TV, carrying a heavy pack over one shoulder, or standing at a job.

Nature Posture

There is hope. This accessible yet detailed book explains postural problems and offers functional advice to restore healthy alignment, aiding you in relieving chronic pains, building flexibility, and increasing strength and vitality.

Kathleen Porter is the director of the Center for Natural Alignment in Portland, Ore. She explains that our bones are the framework of support for our bodies, much like the wall studs and beams of a house. Yet Porter says that even fitness experts and yoga teachers largely overlook the alignment of our skeletons along the vertical axis of gravity.

She explains that when our bodies are aligned as nature intended, our weight is supported not by our muscle but by our bones. This allows a blissful release from chronic muscular tension — tension you may not even know you have.

Porter offers chapters focused on children, motherhood and pregnancy issues, athletes, and aging. Plus, she provides easy exercises and yoga poses to help you revitalize your posture and keep it healthy.

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