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Woman out of breath at the gym
By Michael Dregni
Here are some warning signs that you might be overdoing it on the exercise front.
A woman lying down getting her upper back massaged.
By Catherine Guthrie
Think of massage as an indulgence? Perhaps. But it can also be a powerful tool for health and well-being — from easing pain and inflammation to soothing stress and anxiety.
Close up of an athlete taking a break after hard training
By Matt Fitzgerald
Are you exhausted for days following your workouts? Or are you just too tired to make it to the gym? If so, you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue.
Single-leg bridge with knee toward chest
By Lauren Bedosky
These exercises can help knee mobility and strength.
Person doing foam-roller glute bridge
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Lower-back pain might get you down, but it doesn't have to take you out. This program can keep you moving to come back stronger than ever.
Kate Mihevc Edwards in yoga pose
By Kate Mihevc Edwards
When an endurance athlete was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart condition, it forced her to change her entire lifestyle — and offered her the opportunity to really listen to her body.
Person doing pelvic floor exercises
By Jennifer Blake
Three moves to improve pelvic-floor strength and prevent dysfunction — for men and women.
People stretching in group fitness setting
By Jon Spayde
Rather than take a few days off, try light-intensity workouts after about 24 hours.
Calf smash for ankle mobility
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Three drills to loosen up your ankles and their kinetic chain.
Woman standing in nature
By Jill Metzler Patton
There are a lot of misconceptions about self-care. Our experts explain why it matters for all of us — and offer self-care tips.
Man and woman foam rolling
By Andrew Heffernan
Here are tools to use at the end of a workout, after an athletic event, or whenever you need to de-stress.
woman tying shoe in gym
By Andrew Heffernan
The key to getting stronger, faster, or fitter is giving yourself time to recover properly between workouts. Learn how to leverage your rest days to reach your fitness goals.
By Nicole Radziszewski
How to rebuild lost muscle mass after illness.
Man on rowing machine
By Andrew Heffernan
Hit the reset button with this easy-does-it, recovery-enhancing workout.
Woman sleeping in bed
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
You can't build your fitness without recovery.
a woman stretches in a gym setting
By Andrew Heffernan
Put some oomph into your stretching routine with these buddy-assisted moves.
A woman demonstrates a hamstring single-leg deadlift.
By Lauren Bedosky
Three moves to improve your lower-body mobility.
Three duplicate images of a guy with his hands behind his head
By Andrew Heffernan
A five-minute stretching routine to refresh and relax your neck, shoulders, and upper back.
A person holds a knee, as if in pain.
By Bob Condor
There are two distinctive tendon injuries: tendonitis and tendinosis. Knowing the difference can help you heal the damage a lot faster.
Hands gripping rice
By Kaelyn Riley
A stronger grip can yield benefits in the weight room and the workplace.
A woman goes for a mountain run.
By Lauren Bedosky
Here are some tips to pick the best shoes for foot health.
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