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a post it note with sorry written on it

What Is Your Apology Language?

By Jessie Sholl

Just as we all have a primary love language, we also have an apology language, and it can shape how we approach mending a rift.

Kristin Neff

Why Self-Compassion is a Learnable Skill — and One We ALL Need

With Kristin Neff, PhD
Season 5, Episode 14

Self-compassion is a powerful tool for improving our own well-being and our relationships — yet cultural blocks often dissuade us from practicing this skill. In this episode, Kristin Neff, PhD, shares what self-compassion is, the strong, positive ways it can affect us (and others), and how we can start cultivating more of it in our daily lives.

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women speak from separate tables at a cafe

6 Ways to Defuse a Bad Situation

By Jon Spayde

A variety of stresses have turned many public interactions into angry encounters. Learn how to calm yourself — and the situation — with these strategies.

Coworkers collaborating

8 Ways to Become Better at Networking

By Callie Fredrickson

A Life Time Work manager shares practical tips for improving this essential career skill.

An illustration of a man's head seen above a pedestal with a light framing his face.

On-Screen Success: 11 Best Practices for Video Calls

By Callie Fredrickson

Practical tips and etiquette advice to improve the quality and productivity of your video call experiences.

people holding a compass

The Scout’s Toolbox

By Quinton Skinner

Our defenses can blind us to information that we need to make good decisions. These six tips can help.

a woman looks through binoculars

How to Make Better Decisions

By Quinton Skinner

A “scout mindset” can help us cultivate curiosity, improve our reasoning, and make better decisions.

feet lined up on opposite sides of a thick, white line

How to Navigate a Strained Relationship

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Our differences don’t have to keep us polarized. Try this expert advice for forging unexpected connections.

two women talk in a coffee shop

What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

By Kara Douglass Thom

The first step is listening with empathy and openness.

hands stop dominoes from falling

What Is Bystander Intervention?

By Déjà Leonard

This expert advice on bystander intervention can help you learn to identify and interrupt harassment in your community.

an illustration of a thought bubble breaking off a ledge with two people reaching for each other as though to pull the lower one up

How to Have More Honest Conversations With Your Friends

By Kara Douglass Thom

The surprising ways that honest, authentic dialogue can deepen your friendships.

head shot of Justin Baldoni

Self-Reflections: Justin Baldoni

By Kaelyn Riley

Actor, director, and author Justin Baldoni on showing up as your vulnerable, strong, and authentic self.

colorful cutouts of people shapes in a group

Gender-Identity Terminology

By Amy C. Waninger

10 terms to know when it comes to gender identity, including “genderqueer,” “assigned gender,” and “gender confirmation.”

people hold hands in a circle

The Benefits of Group Therapy

By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC

Individual therapy sessions are great for mental-health support, but group therapy also offers a variety of unique advantages.

headshot of Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Experience Life magazine

Consider the Context

By Jamie Martin

There are always opportunities to become aware, to adapt — and to find our own right balance of less and more.

A group on women talking inside a group training class inside of a health club.

How to Make Friends at Your Health Club

By Molly Kopischke

It can be a challenge to form friendships as an adult. Here are a few ideas for meeting and connecting with others who are also pursuing health goals.

a woman sits by herself looking forlornly out a coffee shop window

What to Do When You’ve Been Ghosted

By Mo Perry

Not having closure can make it difficult to move on. Here’s one strategy.

a man looks at a letter in disbelief

How to Cultivate a Healthy Response to Rejection

By Mo Perry

Being rejected is disappointing, but becoming self-aware can help temper your reaction.

a group of woman discuss a book

4 Tips for Creating a Successful Book Club

By Molly Tynjala

Respectful debate and setting expectations are key.

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