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By Maggie Fazeli Fard
This body scrub "recipe" combines the moisturizing effect of coconut oil, the exfoliating power of brown sugar, and the decadent scent of cocoa.
By Experience Life Staff
Circulation coordinator Christy Rice puts a homemade deodorant recipe to the test.
Coconut Oil Experiment
By Casie Lukes
Editorial Intern, Casie Leigh Lukes, on washing her face with coconut oil and making natural bug repellant.
By Jocelyn Stone
Associate editor Jocelyn Stone has become slightly obsessed with the most effective way to clean and dry her hands.
By Casie Leigh Lukes
Editorial intern Casie Lukes attempts to tame her curly blonde mane with a simple adjustment to her hair-care regimen — find out if it worked!
By Jessie Sholl
While conventional personal-care products still contain plenty of less-than-lovely ingredients, a growing number of companies are putting on a fresher, cleaner face.
By Courtney Helgoe
Try this DIY one-stop face wash. Your face will thank you.
By Jamie Martin
Here’s the Soapbox Speech: Many antibacterial/antimicrobial soaps contain a chemical called triclosan, which was created as a surgical scrub for hospitals several decades ago. The safety of triclosan is currently under review by the FDA and the EPA because: Several…
Medicine Cabinet Makeover
By Catherine Guthrie
You stock your kitchen’s pantry shelves with wholesome, all-natural goods. Why not the shelves of  your bathroom, too?
cindy joseph
By the Experience Life Team
Cindy Joseph shares the strategies she uses to keep her life and her personal-care routines simple and satisfying — including BOOM!, her new line of pro-age cosmetics.
cindy joseph
By Experience Life Staff
Cindy Joseph reveals what makes her light up - and how she kindles the ageless radiance that’s made her famous.
lemons and glass of water
By Courtney Helgoe
The craze for fasting and cleansing has produced some fantastic claims, and some decidedly mixed results. Here’s how to separate the hype from the reality — and safely enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, happier body.
cindy joseph
By Experience Life Staff
Cindy Joseph shares insights on self-image, changing definitions of beauty and her three decades working in the most appearance-conscious businesses on the planet.
Beauty Beware
By Courtney Helgoe
Here’s how to keep yourself looking great with safer, simpler, more natural ingredients.
Person looking in mirror
By Alyssa Ford
Turn your body loathing into body loving.
person looking at face
By Karen Asp
From athlete’s foot to eczema, unwanted skin conditions can throw you off your game. Here’s the scoop on how to deal with some of the most maddening maladies.
By Sarah Moran
The ancient healing practice of Reiki can help you feel more balanced and relaxed. Discover what this alternative treatment entails – and the many other benefits it can bestow.
Woman in hot springs
By Eliza Thomas
In our obsessive quest to improve its superficial traits, we often forget that our skin is our body's largest organ — and an incredibly hard worker. Discover how your skin reflects and affects the state of your health, and what you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.
By David Schimke
Has your too-busy life run roughshod over your looks? Maybe it's time you took a moment for yourself.
By the Experience Life Team
Two common misconceptions about pedicures: They are just for women, and they are all about pretty polish.
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