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As a former industrial engineer, Michelle Ranavat took a leap into entrepreneurship — as her father did more than 40 years ago when he emigrated from India to start his own company — to create a botanical-skincare line. Ranavat’s tonics, sprays, and masks marry her family’s traditional use of healing Ayurvedic plants with her education in high-quality formulations to help you “connect with tradition, magical botanicals, and your personal ritual.”

We caught up with Ranavat to learn more about the skincare line — and her favorite go-to beauty ritual to keep her skin healthy.

Experience Life | Why did you decide to start a product line?

Michelle Ranavat | As an engineer, I was always fascinated by ingredients and finding ways to keep the products we use as fresh and potent as possible. I had spent the past seven years before starting Ranavat Botanics with a pharmaceutical raw-materials company searching the world for the best ingredients. When I started to transition to more Ayurvedic-inspired and natural skincare, I fell in love with marrying the two concepts and wanted to build a line that was both inspired by Ayurveda and was rooted in quality.

EL | Why did you choose to follow Ayurvedic principles when you created Ranavat Botanics?

MR | My parents grew up in India, and as kids we went back and forth quite often. Because of this, I always felt such a deep connection to India and practiced some of the remedies without even thinking about it! For example, my mom would always add turmeric to milk if I was sick, or we cooked with Ayurvedic spices each night when we ate Indian food. It was just a way of life, and it was so deeply ingrained in my upbringing in that it was just a natural extension of me.

What I did not see, however, was Ayurveda represented in an elegant, romantic light — it was always so medicinal (understandably so), which is why I was inspired to share my version of Ayurveda in skincare.

EL | With all the different promises of skincare products out there today, what makes Ranavat Botanics different?

MR | Ranavat is not about one product — it is about a lifestyle that inspires you to build a beautiful ritual or moment of self-care into your life every single day. Even if small, I believe it is those moments that make us feel important, worthy, and loved.

We also focus on purity and maintaining the vitamins and minerals from plants in very simple formulas. I dig into the extraction processes of each ingredient and even have organizations like the USDA and Made Safe approve our products so that you know they’re 100 percent safe.

EL | What’s your skincare ritual?

MR | With two kids and a young business, I don’t have too much time for self-care — which is why I believe having the ability to make your home into a spa with gorgeous treatments that transport you to your own oasis is so important!

For my quick two-minute self-care routine, I use Mighty Majesty, our hair and body serum, all over my body after my morning shower. The light smell of jasmine makes me feel put together, and I love how soft my skin feels for the whole day. If I have more time, I love indulging in a masking session. With all my travel, I’ve been using Eternal Reign detoxifying masque with my lavender tonique to calm my skin while the vitamin C brightens. It makes me look a little more well-rested than I really am!

EL | What’s the best advice you’ve received to take care of our largest organ?

MR | My friend Seril once told me that, while you can buy all the expensive handbags in the world, the leather you will have the longest is your skin and you should invest in that first! It’s a funny way to put it, but I can’t stress how important it is to invest in your skin at any age. It is like going to the gym: The more time and energy you put into masking and using really good products on your skin, the better your results. It takes a lot of consistency, but your mind and body will thank you! Trends will come and go, but gorgeous skin is always in fashion.

To learn more about Michelle Ranavat and Ranavat Botanics, visit

Photography by: Grey + Elle
Laura (Fogelberg) Lineburg

Laura Lineburg is Experience Life’s associate director of marketing and media strategy.

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