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Woman taking a break from running with hands on knees
By Andrew Heffernan
Are your workouts leaving you overwhelmed or overly sore? Before you blame it on overtraining syndrome, consider whether one of three more likely scenarios might be to blame.
A young girl holding onto a rail while walking into the shallow end of a pool.
By Jill Patton
Seven expert tips for keeping kids safe in and near water.
Overhead squat
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Finesse your form to improve full-body mobility and strengthen your Olympic snatch.
The cover of Running Outside the Comfort Zone
By Michael Dregni
One runner takes on the world’s wackiest races — and lives to write about it.
A wine bottle and a couple glasses of wine on a rooftop patio.
By Molly Schelper
Looking to change up your traditional date night? Try one of these healthy suggestions.
Louie McGee and Milan Tomaska
By Louie McGee
A legally blind teenager commits to the race of a lifetime to inspire other visually impaired kids to find their own adventures.
Man on rowing machine
By Andrew Heffernan
Hit the reset button with this easy-does-it, recovery-enhancing workout.
Renegade row
By Jennifer Blake
This eight-week metcon workout builds strength and burns fat — all in 
a short, sweet, and sweaty metabolic-conditioning package.
Illustration of a person putting on a sock.
By Rebekah Mayer
Try this “beginner’s running recipe” from Life Time Run to get yourself race-ready.
Woman sleeping in bed
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
You can't build your fitness without recovery.
Soccer player about to shoot goal
By Sarah Tuff Dunn
Drills on and off the field will deliver the skills for soccer success.
Illustration of a beach towel, sun hat, and sunglasses.
By Jill Patton
Head to the pool at Life Time for summer fun.
Person sitting by river with trekking poles
By Jon Spayde
The hiking community is divided on the potential benefits of trekking poles. Our expert weighs in.
Sarah Sapora
By Sarah Sapora
One woman’s journey to create a healthier life for herself led her to become a wellness advocate for people of all sizes.
Person standing on stand-up paddleboard
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Our fitness editor tests the waters on a paddleboard — and discovers the benefits of leaving her comfort zone.
A picture of a landscape with blue sky and green trees
By Craig Cox
You don’t need to check off items on a bucket list to convince yourself that you’ve lived a full life. Some of the most memorable experiences occur with no planning whatsoever.
Kettlebell snatch how-to progression
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Take control of this dynamic move to burn fat and build strength.
a woman stretches in a gym setting
By Andrew Heffernan
Put some oomph into your stretching routine with these buddy-assisted moves.
two people run down stairs
By Andrew Heffernan
Grab a pal and head outside to tackle this built-for-two routine.
Collage of active people
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Our best fitness tips to help you move well, recover fully, and achieve your fittest life.
The Incomplete Book of Running by Peter Sagal
By Michael Dregni
The host of Wait Wait. . .Don't Tell Me! talks about his new book and how running 14 marathons changed his life.
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