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Prehab Workout
By Andrew Heffernan
Injury-proof yourself with these prehabilitation mobility moves.
By Michael Dregni
New study explains why short, intensive bursts of exercise are as effective than long workouts — and why antioxidants can undermine endurance training.
Illustration of woman stretching hips
By Andrew Heffernan
Exercises to improve hip mobility.
How much weight to lift
By Andrew Heffernan
Helpful guidelines for matching weight poundage with your goals.
senior citizen on treadmill
By Andrew Heffernan
A few tips to help you safely get your blood pumping again after a cardiac event.
man running along river
By Joe Friel
Getting older doesn’t have to mean retiring from your favorite activities and sports. Here’s your guide for staying fit for life.
senior with fitness band
By Nicole Radziszewski
Boost your balance, power, and coordination — at any age — with this full-body strength-training workout.
By Karla Walsh, NASM-CPT, AFAA
Your questions answered.
By Margret Aldrich
What happens to the health of identical twins who have very different exercise habits?
By Karla Walsh, NASM-CPT, AFAA
Try a few variations on the plank!
By Maggie Fazeli Fard
Get strong, build power, and burn fat on your go-to cardio machine.
By Experience Life Staff
Learn the right way to row — and get fitter faster.
A group of people in a fitness class doing squats with dumbbells.
By Chrissy Zmijewski
Are small, pulsing exercises or large, deep movements better for my muscles?
By Yael Grauer
Warm-up or cool-down: Which is more important?
By Experience Life Staff
This free iOS app provides a solid primer on strength training for women.
By Karla Walsh, NASM-CPT, AFAA
Why does my back hurt after yoga class?
Partner workout illustration
By Jen Sinkler, PCC, RKC–II
Grab a buddy for this hand-to-hand, body-to-ground strength workout.
Life Time Tri
By Kaelyn Riley
With one race under her belt, one woman shares her final thoughts on completing the Life Time Triathlon.
Shin Splints
By Yael Grauer
Three easy exercises to prevent shin splints.
Fitness Plan
By Kelly James-Enger and Experience Life Staff
Determined to get into better shape? Use this inquiry-based process to develop a plan that works — and get real results that last.
pushup how tos
By Bryan Krahn, CSCS
Perfect your pushup with these 3 tips.
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