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a man running outside

The SAQ Workout

By Jen Sinkler

Increase your power, coordination, and cardio capacity with speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) training.

people hold a seated forward fold during a yoga class

Can Yoga Make Me Too Flexible?

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on why yoga may cause hypermobility and loose joints.

a man grips his shoulder

What Is Rhabdomyolysis?

By Jen Sinkler

Also known as “rhabdo,” this life-threatening condition can result from extreme overexercising.

a person lies on a fitness center's floor in exhaustion

Should I Work Out With Adrenal Fatigue?

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on how to be strategic when working out with adrenal fatigue.

wine being poured into a glass

Will Drinking Even a Little Alcohol Derail My Efforts in the Gym?

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on alcohol and its impact on your fitness and strength regime.

a strong, female, upper back

Can I Avoid Building Thick “Traps”?

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on how to build your shoulders and arms while avoiding bulky traps.

a person stands with one foot delicately placed on a scale

How to Lose Injury-Related Weight

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on why focusing on healing is important to lose the injury-related weight.

a person vacuums under a carpet

Does Housework Count as Exercise?

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on how to use daily housework and chores as part of your workout.

a new mom holds bridge with her baby sitting on her hips

How to Heal Diastasis Recti

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on how to close the separation of your abdominal muscles.

two people running on pavement

How to Prevent Asymmetrical Injuries

By Jen Sinkler

Do many of your injuries occur on one side of your body? There’s often a logical explanation and a simple solution.

a woman holds her lower back after a run

Fitness Fixes: How Do I Strengthen a Weak Lower Back?

By Jen Sinkler

Use loaded-carry exercises to build QL strength and break the “chain of pain.”

a woman holds a weighted barbell in the rack position

How Many Sets and Rep Should I Be Doing in My Lifting Routine?

By Jen Sinkler

Expert answers on creating a weight lifting routine.

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